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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life of a kid!

What is life? Gleaming eyes with tears, carrying pain inwardly and when you seek for help, you are an orphan. Let us come to the responsibilities; you are expected to behave like a great person. Even when you are true, you are blamed to be a crook. Look at the people how they treat a kid, a teenager, or a young man! People insist today our generations to go beyond culture they carried. What they carried actually? I heard parents scolding their children, and imposing their wishes and responsibilities on them, but why?
When you failed to accomplish your responsibilities so how could you pass buck on someone else? To be honest in my writing, in most of the families, either excess of freedom has been given or very controlled situation. In both the cases outcome is not productive.  Handle your generation as a guide, protect them as parents and be friends with them.
A small child faces abuses, beatings, and all the times you teach the one to be responsible. During fights between children parents shout,-“Study and earn! Live separate lives and Let us live separate too. ” Watch yourself, Instead it was better,-“You are a family; do not fight with each other. You are strength of each other.”
This generation also craves for love and relations as you were, thinking changes but the heart remains same. When a child is frustrated, the reason should be sniffed out. Childhood influences the present of everyone. People who face negative circumstances, they get angry and lose their hope very soon while well-guided child come up nicely in the society. Being parents bring a big responsibility; you give either a hero or villain to the society. Realize it, then chose to enter into parenthood. Every step you take, going to make an impact on your life and children as well. So eventually, first work on individual development and growth then only you can develop your generations and family.
Parents have their extra marital affairs and somewhere it affects a child’s life. Parents smoke, or consume alcohol; they consider that kids will not know it.  Kids are brilliant, they understand. If kids do not understand they watch, after they become mature it is hardly a secret for them.
They chose characters accordingly. Suicides rates have increased check out the data. Why has the suicide rate increased in society? Everyone carries a burden on the shoulders, when it comes to sharing, other person wants to give, not to take that burden.
I want to convey only one message, if you are alive in this world, which is itself a miracle and blessings of almighty. Thousands of situations, mishaps and reasons occurred in life when a person thinks to die though world never ends, it goes on! You also be careful while giving space someone into your heart… No matter whom the person is. Well… I just speak my mind! I really feel aggressive when children are not being taken care of nicely. There should be an exam for parents, if they pass it then only the birth of the children should be allowed. Funny idea but it came into my mind ;) :D
Take care…
Stay Happy!!
Love and Prayers!!
Namrata Chauhan

1 comment:

  1. Wow! If only every parent would read those words, would they realize where they are falling short and where they are up to the mark. You've made some strong points here.'Being parents bring a big responsibility; you give either a hero or villain to the society.'... those lines really ring a bell. :)
    One request though, can you decrease the size of the fonts?


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