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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The burden of Responsibilities.

The burden of responsibilities on the shoulder of a small child, or on the mother who carries the duty of mother, father and a housekeeper, you or me can not imagine the life of maximum families who spend their lives below poverty Line. Young girl, age between 8-10, who sweeps, mops and washes the dirty linen of the so-called rich and prosperous people, I saw her while I was crossing road.
I was looking at her with the sympathy, affection and care, but she was indulging in some mischievous activities. She was incredibly happy, innocent and naughty.  I called her to interact with me, she denied. Of course, you can’t trust strangers.
Her clothes were old, but not dirty, coarse hand, tied and rough hair. She, her younger brother and one more little girl started their journey it seemed. At last, a friendly gesture brought them near me. The boy started to beg for money.
I asked from them about their family. Entire family was uneducated. Father was drunkard; he was neither a support nor guide, only a burden?  Mother took charge of the family, it was hard to earn two square of meal, and how could she think of providing education to the kids?
The Girl told me about her siblings, three sisters and two brothers. The girl works in some houses where she gets money.
Where her life shall end? Can she even dream of a life of comfort? Who will teach her about culture, norms and social values? I wanted to adopt her but how many of the children are there?
I wish……………………………
Later I was in dilemma. Should I thank God for not giving me such life or should I complain for giving them such a life? I could not decide and with mix emotions, I wrote this.
Love and Prayers.  

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