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Monday, November 26, 2012

Take care of them, who brought you up.

I saw a few old people sitting together at Anand Vihar Railway Station while travelling from Delhi to my destination. Those two minutes influenced my mind. I strived to look at their faces and some showed as they were happy and some of them really were.  
I reached home but their faces appeared in my mind. I thought about my grandparents, they gave me plenty of reasons to think about them, when I lived with them I cherished the best days of my childhood. Why do the old people love kids and so much, they show affection?
My next-door neighbor at Delhi, an old lady, when she meets me, talks for half an hour at least and what she speaks is a bit difficult for me to understand because of the language. She uses typical Punjabi of her area. I stand peacefully and all I could observe, her happiness.  She has two sons; they take care of her well it seemed but somewhere the bitterness of losing her partner, her soul mate appears on her face. She gets worried about her daughter, daughter’s daughter and list is so long.
A sense of being abandoned, waiting for death, and there is no one to tolerate the oldies. Son used to take care of them according to the Indian culture. Now The way the youth react,-“they have place to live, they have everything to eat but if still they aren’t happy it is their problem not ours.”
Great! When your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/ husband does not talk to you and just gives you money? On the other hand, even does not give that? Your small kids avoid you, that time you feel the pain. Remember your parents love you more than any of the person who comes to live with you when you grown up. Sometimes they live just because of you.
Today everyone finds relation on Facebook, orkut and other social networking websites because in reality when you live, things are different. It is easy to say "Love you " on Facebook or on mobile. However, everyone has different way of living life, only your parents hold your hands that time. If a child is against his/her parents. The fault is of the thought of the Children. In some of the cases, parents also dominate and stop the growth of the child.
However it is not the matter of holding grudge for too long, whatever they are, they only cleaned your diapers and all the mess you threw. They planned well for you. If you can’t think as a relation just try to think as a human… In this life, how much sacrifices parents might have made for you. Now it is time for you to return that care...So do not be so selfish and Love them! Believe it will bring happiness in your life too. Remember Charity begins at home!!

Love and Prayers
-          Namrata

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