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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Within 20 days of Marriage…

Within 20 days of Marriage…
After a long time, I thought to write something. It is hurting to see when people use relations like a thing to play. I do not want to be gender specific but recently something came into light and tore my heart apart. First thing, Delhi’s Bus gang rape was enough to hurt, anyhow I earned courage to maintain the peace of my mind because this is the world and I am a small fry.
I never considered me as a weak female… and I will never be. I started my new year happily and at the very second day, I obtained a call, from a girl, I know as a person since my childhood. On 10 December 2012, she got married and I even attended her marriage.  
Gorgeous lady, educated and when I met her in the hospital on 3 January 2013….I was stunned to see her. I found her badly injured.  She had bleeding wounds in her forehead, both hands and her backbone as well. Left hand’s ring finger nail was fully in blood and thumb of right hand. The girl had nail marks over her neck and face and some problem with backbone as well... This was the result of Domestic Violence.
The girl’s own parents told her to live with her husband, and no one stood by her side instead the family of the girl said to adjust.  She is a girl, is it her fate?  I am not a judge to say any decision but I find it wrong. The girl’s own sister who used to be like her mother denied to help the girl, and worse thing was, in front of her elder sister who lives in a very reputed area of Delhi, well settled, the girl’s husband beaten her cruelly and The so called sister rested on bed.
It was an arrange marriage and since starting girl buried the hatchet, but till when someone can endure? The mistake was only that the girl adjusted initially, even given up her career.  She opposed violence and asked for help but her mother said, -“I tolerated when your father did the same… Now it’s your turn.”
My personal appeal to you, please be a real man and if someone is not up to your expectations just leave … do not treat other half as an animal..
Take Care.
Love and Peace.
Namrata Chauhan

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