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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You give, what you have in mind.

What will tomorrow bring for you? It is completely unknown same as we cannot see things hidden behind curtain.  We work with assumptions that things may occur according to the plan.  Life is unpredictable and it has a different   meaning, opinion and situations for every individual.        
In spite of these differences maximum of us feel same happiness, same trauma, and same dilemma. Well… The purpose of my blog is – You give to the world what you have in mind.
If you feel anxious, by default same environment your carry with yourself. If you feel anger, you spread it. Moreover, if you feel loved, you behave generous towards others.  This is a process, which completes a cycle as if someone passes his/ her negative energy to you. You pass it to someone else unless a very strong person consumes it and spread his/ her positive energy in the world.       
Most of the time negative energy generates because of mental weakness, negative emotions, negative circumstances and negative influences as well.  
When you feel pain, my philosophy says to find out a cause. When you love someone and you do not get the amount of love and respect you deserve, it hurts you.  In return, you start hurting and everything turns sour. This is what you had planned for future? Now if we let us go with negativity and deny controlling our mind we end up with nothing except blaming destiny or parents or God.
What can be t he solution of such things? When no one helps you, stand by yourself. You help you to be calm and understand the situations. Instead of sinking into the ocean of lethargy and pessimism, help yourself in improvement of life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
You definitely obtain Peace when you spread love without expectations and dependency because everyone requires it even if it is difficult to admit for some people.  Expectations tear your heart if not fulfilled, but when you take commands of your actions, things turn sweet.
Make your personality, as a giver of love, when people look at yourself there should not be anger, and worries in your expressions, because this is what should be in your mind and if you do not have this, you are certainly far away from Peace. People who don’t have peace in mind often fall into habit of ruining themselves and they keep on suffering unless they learn to control their mind in any certain or uncertain situations . Remember, Even if you reach at moon, Life will not reveal the things behind the curtain.  
So do plan things but prepare yourself so much that the things behind curtain does not hamper your dream and at last you achieve what you dream t so long.

Keep Smiling,
Love and Peace!

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