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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why does youth keep away from religious activities and religion?

Yes we are young people… and We have our reasons not to follow any religion instead we carry blames of not being religious as it has been described in many religious books, preached by great people.
We carry so many questions within…
We don’t follow tradition because traditions pulled us back and defined area for thinking and prohibited us to use our mind.
What do you want us to believe? First thing which dominated this society from 1000BC is to discriminate someone to be a woman? Later on yelling at her to cover her face because a man can’t control his lusty thoughts?
It is not sin according to some religions for a man to get married with three wives? Since when, god has become so partial? You point out her because she developed a voice to deny the fact that a man can have three or as many wives he wants. Religion means a woman does not have a heart to dream and wish a beautiful life? What is the purpose of her life? Only to cook and please a family, even she has her world to make, why did she take birth?
What you want us to believe? Treating a person like an animal, defining him/ her untouchable because somewhere it has been written by ancestors. No our heart does not allow us to treat the same blood with so much cruelty.
What do you want us to believe in religious book which obtained the status of Holy books and Almighty himself has conveyed these messages? We don’t agree because we don’t think that the creator of the universe can commit mistakes of being so much ignorant that he failed to define the motion of sun and moon… Yes Almighty can’t commit the mistake of defining the earth as an oval shaped or half egged shaped.
Yes we youth… we saw that how much religion pleased generations?
You know where the illusion lies? In religion where they say that man of other religion is not good, we disagree… Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalaam Azad, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, did they follow anything which hampered the progress of the mankind? They stood against what was wrong and followed… We don’t want to hurt you but why can’t you analyze that you lived in the era of fear and hate, thinking that you have known the truth of almighty, and we prefer to follow only religion of humanity, where making someone smile earns  peace. We need not to kill other person because someone does not belong to your community… We don’t treat a man like an animal though we have differences... We don’t impose, we respect each other. We behave gentle and equal to mankind as well as benevolent to animals… You say that your religion is similar to humanity we disagree because your religion shed blood but our never did…
Though you read Bhagwat Geeta, Quran, Bible yet you don’t understand to obtain the love of god, you learn to love what he created. If you fight and hate, you lose and attain pain…
Because you behave orthodox and keep on hurting innocents, you see the picture of the world of today. For a day practice humanity and see the change in your mind. Yes we young people, we stand together, with a vow to protect mankind, earth and peace of minds.     
I don’t know if someone gets my message, what I meant but I believe if one reader changes his/ her mind, I obtained what I desired!!
With Unconditional Love and Peace

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