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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Voice of the Mute

The Voice of the mute
Stray dogs at roadside chase you with their glistening eyes seeking for food along with itching puppies. Thanks to some myths that mandate to pacify ‘Shani Dosha’ in kundali by feeding the black dog, at least they get food. At times, their insecurities turn them aggressive and they run behind every vehicle and meet with accident. No one bothers even if an animal becomes injured or dead.  The body of dead animal disappears when vehicle after vehicle takes some part of it into tires. Well, these animals have no human who possesses humanity, can not blame anyone, and can not file a complaint against a death.

However, animals with owners in dairies go through the same dilemma. As a part of a trend, people leave their Cattles to paint the town red entire day, letting them eat on roadside in gathered city dust, and having no liability to feed them a quality product even if charging so high for milk.
The act of troubling a non-speaking animal does not end here. Beating them is inevitable part of it. Major issue is, even after the law says, DM organizes raids but injecting buffalos at regular basis for the sake of obtaining milk does not end. As we all are so busy in our work that none of us has time to check that what am I carrying thinking about milk? What is the quality of milk I give to my family? No, Since it is white liquid, an animal produce, I need not think about it. Milk enhances power, and I will give it to my child. Poor animals shed tears voiceless. I remember what Gandhi ji said, - “The Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

-Namrata Chauhan

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