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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Helping hands vs praying lips.

Have you seen any accident or a death on a road? Or have you come across any case of drowning?
I have observed that if there happens to be an accident on road, people look helplessly at victims and surround the injured people. They may have a kind heart but most of them stand stunned cursing the government, or bad drivers while some of them hearts pray to almighty.  I am not sure if I have happened to be at the place where there were doers who suddenly called for ambulance and
looked at the injured one with assuring gestures- “No it is gonna be okay buddy!
Don’t panic.”
If you keep on sympathizing, you may feel good about it but what about the
person who is lying on  the road wounded, reading your faces.
I know things may not feel to be really clear so far… Now let us change the sides… 
You are the one who is wounded and  is lying on the road… Now all you know is
that something has bumped you few minutes ago.. and something is wrong with
your Body.
You see crowd around you, which is standing as a dumb with scaring gestures that
perhaps you would not survive for even next one hour.
You are not able to speak for help… All you want is that if someone could call a
doctor, or an ambulance, or if someone could inform your family by searching
your identity card or your mobile because you do not know what is going to be
the next moment and so you dread it.
And then if you see the sympathetic faces of people.. would you not be more
scared if you see their praying lips ? Or would you be relaxed? I think you would
feel like abusing them in return of their prayers..
Then all of a sudden a man comes talking over phone, saying- “Yeah please make
It hurry…”
The man may be nervous but comes close to you and calms you - “Don’t be afraid
buddy.. ambulance is on the way.”
Who would you like to thank? The people who sympathized with you, who
surrounded you watching your injuries and/or cursing the government, the ones
who prayed, or the one who helped you, relying that no miracle ever happens.
I think it is just us.. we have to change it..I don’t mean to hurt sentiments of
Praying minded people but if prayers had so much power, Why doesn’t a person
who sits in temple heals by prayers?
All these religious institutions, they grab land and do not even pay tax.  They are
partial…I do not want to name any particular religion but recently by fluke I saw a  
video clip in which a religious preacher  claimed- “ Now a days,
generation does not have time to remember god … it does not take part in the
Religious Prayers…. The kids of this generation hold guitar in hands… and do not
pay heed to whatever their mothers say.. the mothers who kept them in their
wombs and brought them into this world… generation just wants to enjoy the
Wish I was someone to have questioned that man,- “That I respect that
you are trying to spread a message of ethics that yes one must love his parents
but why did you add this another concept of playing guitar and music into it?
People who just think that they do think but actually they don’t … what will they
do ? No matter how much respect a kid has for parents they will oppose his
dream of playing
guitar which is completely harmless… It is not killing/ hurting people. So, Teach
children to obey you..  and about music? If you do not like music ..this is
completely fine but what should people do when it comes to a hobby… You take
individual right of freedom…”
People are mostly dedicated followers and I don’t know why do they follow men
having hatred in their speech .. They are not the kind to human dreams and
create suffocation..
I think instead of religious teachers, one must visit some Institutions of Ethics..
I seriously wonder from centaury after century this tradition could not shape,- there has always been a principle that if you see a man drowning, you start praying! Previously man might have not had so many technologies that he could help the drowning man in surviving, that time prayers were mandatory and obvious.. but today, it seems equally stupid. When you know that prayers are not about the cure.. it is only about your heart.. that how humanly it feels for others.. but what matters in changing this world is only Helping hands… The same world which turns ugly because we pray but don’t help!

-         Namrata
All Right Reserved

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