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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Religious Peace Offering and it works!

A constant phrase,-“Religion gives you Peace” is often mentioned. At various occasions some eminent personalities of different religions also deliver statements that “Crisis occurred due to lack of Religion worldwide.”
In fact in my birth country, there are some regions in different states where water crisis are prevalent. Farmers often come under huge stress and contemplate of suicide. On of the very high rated spiritual leader who has so many sri sri before starting his name gave a statement which was less concern with the saving lives of farmers but branding his own institution called spirituality

He said that the reason for farmer's suicide was lack of spirituality. 

What a great way of branding, as most of the people are reasonless, they adored it. Economic problem was given a name of spirituality. Such a primitive ideology even after Dada bhai Nao roji - the great grand old man of India elaborated that it is more about system failure in late 19th century almost 150 years ago.

Everyone wants peace and the seller (Religious leaders)  of it will get huge profit. The seller of peace can't be questioned either due to its high brand value and high quantity of followers. 
Not only that offering 'peace' also used as a weapon where a good person does anything bad to get the peace and to be loved by nothing.

How does religion give peace? 
- It makes people guilty of their 'unknown and hallucinated' Karma. One believes that he/she might have done something wrong, so they are being punished.
Or one did not do anything wrong but other person is committing bad karma, and for those evil deeds he/she will face bad consequences.
People are so charmed about this theory that even if they are from Abrahamic religions where there is no option available for rebirth but still they believe in Karma. How convenient is that- One will accept bad things as a result of karma or will wait for other person to be punished due to his/her Karma. You know what Karma theory works I guess as rapists when they rape, they also get raped and feel bad about it. ;)
I don't buy this argument - of -Karma.

Second way,
- The god is testing your love for him. Patience and remember god, and pray. I find god a third class, self obsessed lover, who says hey I am testing your love. Keep calm and accept everything as a test as this is the only way to reach the heaven- a place of happiness. What a solution! Great.. a new hallucination and hope for future after one is dead. As when a person is dead, it means dead- Nothing is there after life as nothing was there before birth.

Third way.
- God does not give you more pain that you can take. How beautiful crafted idiocy! Tsunami arrived and the pain was given. Everyone survived! How miraculous.. That how god works.
Is it?
No Peace has nothing to do with religion… It is the state of mind. It comes with maturity, management and a balance. One has to be self aware - that awareness arrives from thinking and understanding certainly not by hallucination.

-          Love
-          Namrata
(All Right Reserved- Please do not republish or reproduce without author’s Permission.)

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