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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Noises within!

A Glimpse of My Journal
5th – April – 2015                                                       
Couple of days ago, I have accepted Atheism and I denied the existence of illusionary thing ‘God’.   Honestly, I do not feel the creator exists and as Epicurus said even if he exists, he has nothing to do with us.
You may not understand my decision my Diary, but I will not write God as my belief. I accept Love, Justice and Peace as my faith and I accept those as a medium to survive in this universe.
In the beginning, it was very hard for me to accept that we are orphans and there is no protector of Humanity except us.  I have given it a long thought including the power of brain, soul, life and death.
Well… for a couple of minutes  I accept Religious Point that the power of Almighty is in those religious places called as temples, mosques, churches and Shrines. However, here comes my point what happens to their almighty – the most powerful, outside of those walls of religious places?
Why this fact remains unnoticed that their religious Gods / God/ Goddess can not maintain the peace of this world?
Why their powerful god becomes helpless when his innocent devotees need him? There are stories associated with Religious places that once a miracle happened, and that miracle happened? When did it happen with the one who is truly helpless?
In other Religious temples, there are tickets to get a glimpse of the statue of their so-called God. The First class ticket is for the richest and they can have a glimpse of their god’s statue very close and the poor gets a glimpse through window. The price you pay determines your closeness with god.  It would not be wrong if I say that a poor has no God.
Another point, People talk about the beginning. God sent a pair on the earth and they produced children, which caused the increase in population.  Did the siblings marry and in ancient times and there were incest? If it was not then how the population did increased? In addition, if it was why do they become idealist when their origin is so sick?
People say that god created hell and heaven according to our deeds on this planet. Ok fine then why there is hell like situations on this earth? Why there is violence, war, agony and sexual tortures? This much sick plan was only to make us remember about what people call almighty.
I feel dishearten when I see hunger and poverty in African countries, and no doubt in my country too.
I personally feel that prayers do not help anyone. I have been praying for people until I turned Atheist, nothing has changed for them.  At last, I thought of making something in practical and I am striving hard.
Recently I have heard a nun, 70 years in Bengal was raped. Here my indirect answer is where were her prayers? Her god? She spent her life remembering someone she calls god, but at the time when she needed that god, the most no help arrived from the sky. They say that he knows everything and watches everything at the time of rape of nun where was he? Yes the one, who sees everything.  Was he enjoying the show?
Today it is my birthday, I have tears in my eyes, and I am helpless. I see innocents suffer the most and religion says that god takes care of the innocent. Does he ever?  So from today own ward, I will answer if someone comes and tells me that that shrine performs a miracle. My answer shall be why miracle is limited to that particular place, if it happened. You say your god is powerful then why can’t he do miracle and take care of everyone here on the earth. The truth is, the universe is cruel and we are survivors.
As when I talked, people said that I might be punished because I talk against god and religion. I wish the god thing had existed as people wasted enough time in tolerating his silence. He can’t save lives so how will he punish me. He is just an illusion. Truly, I am not scared a bit about the hell or heaven, it is time to take care of each other and follow humanity.
 _ Love to the lonely and abandoned ones. Peace!

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