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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Self – Management

How to heal when someone hurts you.

It was raining cats and dogs outside and I was sitting alone. Sometimes I enjoy solitude no doubt and grow within but it is hard to get some time in this hectic life.
Today the day seems pleasing … though I regret to say that since the beginning of TEAM HOPE, I have been busy with OTHER things, I do not have time to breathe even but I will not leave it ignored for a long time.
While observing some incidents I could analyze that the most common problem suffered everywhere is – to maintain your peace while some factors like-  a bad situation, aggression of a family members, or your dear ones, abuses, verbal violence injure you even if you stand at the right side.
My dear innocent living beings, you are not alone in this battle and many during day face it.
There are category of people, first who enjoy hurting you, and second some misunderstand you, or sometimes some other factors bring such situation.  Well … Our problem this time is not them, those ignorant people who hurt others. Our concern is how to get over the wound given?
#SelfRealization- Please, first introspect carefully and try to find out the cause, if something in your behavior could be changed or updated, if you find something please do learn and grow, but this is not in the case where you are getting humiliated not because you are bad or need to change but the other person is a never pleasing entity.
So if someone bullies you, makes your life miserable. Please do not allow him or her. The question is-how?
#Prepare- Prepare your mind when you first get up in the morning. Use stickers, reminder or wallpaper only to set your mind or by any means.  Remember these words in the morning, - “I am only responsible for what I do, not for what others think. So no matter what I will stand at my side. I will not let go my joy and my peace! I will create the positivity and preserve it always. I need not to act wounded because I am not at fault. ”
If it interests you meditate for a while, and I recommend the smile meditation as well as maintain your journal.  While writing your journal, remind yourself who you are! It seems easy or may be foolish but for being mentally strong you really need to practice, this is half part of self-management..
You are prepared, now if any of the negative influence arrives in front of you and uses his tongue to injure you.
#Judge- Focus into his/ her eyes, you breath calm.  Look deep, what is visible in those angry, fully of hatred eyes? Pain of being unhappy, yes, this is what they are. They are the sufferer of first grade. That is what they spread in this world, and in your life. You cannot change them; the world is full of such people, so change yourself. Be your angel your guide in dark nights.
-          Loads and Loads joy to you! Peace
(All Right Reserved)

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