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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Why to be an #Atheist?

I am well aware of  religious and cultural practices of my society and  I know what sort of unwelcoming gestures, hatred, threatening are in my way but I will stand with the truth and will spread awareness.
 The truth does not change that people are being fooled by organized religious people. In recent years, bloggers and writers were murdered for speaking the truth in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India as well. No wonder, visionaries often get such punishments to be ahead of their times.
These things I am going to speak may be unpleasant to some and honestly I never intend to hurt anyone but I think world shall be a better place if we keep our humanity above the religion, cast , regionalism etc.
I do not think it is wrong to say that Puranas (sacred Hindu Religious Texts) tell it wrong that   universe is egg shaped and the earth is a flat disk consisting of seven land masses arranged in concentric cycles alternating with seas of Salt water, Molasses, Wine, Butter, Curd, Milk and fresh water. (Sources - The history of ancient India, Upinder Singh)
Please do tell me -Is the earth a flat disk? Can you trust and follow something which fails in describing the Earth itself which we all know is round. Seriously I can not follow texts which tell me that the earth is kept on the head of the Cow/ Sheshnag. Is it kept on the head of the cow or snake? Many people think this is the reason of the earth quake because earth is kept somewhere or on something. Well... If you are not aware, please have a look of our solar system and our tiny earth.
I have heard one more myth written in Ramayana that when the cow is harmed, earth will shake as per the story told by a Sadhvi (Female Hindu Saint) in Social networking site. People who have no idea what the earth quake is, I want to share.
 Please  go through this -   http://www.geo.mtu.edu/UPSeis/why.html
Now do you want me to follow the religion which spread ignorance? Well … As mentioned in Bhavishya Puran and if you trace the Avtar (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) who arrives in every era to take away ignorance. Buddha (Gautam Budhdha) was one among the incarnation of Vishnu in order to spread wisdom.
What did Buddha say? Did he speak about creator as a God? Nah He was silent and he condemned the theory of cast, Vedic ritual and sacrifices as well as the position of the woman in later Vedic Period.  So if you follow his teachings as the last valid teacher of Hinduism, he will definitely turn you an Atheist and a humanist, however not everything said in it makes a complete sense in mythologies.
Bible says about the creation – The earth is six thousand years old.  Carbon dating methods and Skelton found at different places proved that  a creature like human evolved on the planet earth near about two million years ago. Before humans there were different creatures which faced extinction like dinosaurs. There are evidence of fossils, layers of the earth, remains of sites of stone tools and human like creatures skeletons.
You can call them ancestors of today's human being. How can fossils and remains of animals are found on the earth older than its age? Animals lived here before it was created ... Is not it funny?
Bible and Islam share almost the similar theory of creation. So now another thing which seems so odd is that God created the Sun at the fourth day while he was creating the universe.
People who have read the basic physics they may be aware of the simple fact of day and night. The earth gets the day light from the sun because it rotates on its axis. The part which comes in front of the sun it has the day and the back side has the night. That is the reason while in India there is day, other side of the earth- America and Canada have night.

Please check these for more details of day and night-

Please tell me now when the main source of day and night is the Sun. Why the hell will I believe something which seems so stupid that fourth day the sun was created? Come on! The sun can't be created at the fourth day. The sun is the reason of day and night.
Please do mention why you human say that only you are created to live on the earth while the truth is you are evolved in the nature. Keep the rice for a couple of days and you can see worm inside it… same way keep the water and life evolves in it. Same way human is an animal which has evolved. No one has prepared this earth only for you. We all are interconnected. We depend on each other, if you do not trust me, find why Govt. tried to save Tigers?  
If humans are sufficient enough why we have to be so much dependent on Bees and trees?
Bees are very crucial for trees. Human think that they are only ‘Smart God Loved Thing’ in this universe. However, the truth is, every animal you see around has a social or individual behavior like humans have.
There fishes who have developed radar better than the human has invented. We all survive and learn what to do to survive and if not…the entire group perishes in the nature.
I have seen many religious people they thank god for making them human. Please read reproduction cycle of human being) Male sperm, they are millions. The strongest sperm eats another and gets stronger. After competing with the millions, the strongest is left which gets the female egg and here is the beginning of development of a human baby starts. So your birth was not planned, different sperm meant the different birth.
 People often argue that one shall have religion because it justifies right from wrong. I think that is the matter of ethics what is called as moral education. You need not have religion to have morals.
If religion was full of ethics why did people commit crime then after being religious too? What is the cause behind those brutal wars? If you say that Jews and Muslims don't fight and kill just because of religious causes, or Hindu Muslims, and Muslims Christians, don't they fight?  I regret I am not convinced... They fight.
The more religion they follow, the more pure they think of themselves, they tend to hate or look down upon the entire world.
 Religion is more about to have control rather than being full of ethics.
Once upon a time I believed that -" Majhab Nahi Sikhata Aapas Mein bair rakhna"(Religion does not teach you to hate) but since I read enough about the major crisis of the world... I think without religion we consider humans - ethically bad or good...
For sure, beheading of non-follower of a non-humane book which seems holy to people will be lesser.
-          Namrata
(All rights reserved)

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