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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Opinion about Bhagwat Gita in Government School of Rajasthan

Greetings to all my readers, and thank you for going through my long time consuming writings.  Today I have come across an article and it was about – “Rajasthan to provide Bhagawad Gita to government schools”

Before looking deep into the matter I honestly understand the efforts of Government and I assume the intentions were good. However being a citizen of India, humbly I want to ask for what it intended for?

If you can see the screenshot of the article, it clearly states that-“ Gita means the philosophy of life, and success is possible only for those who live by the philosophy of the Gita”

I have read Gita a thousand times and there are many things to be said but I will keep it precise. Please look at it –

 Chapter 18, 44 verse

What does it say? This verse clearly states that Castism is a system created by actions, made by almighty, where lower caste can only there to serve upper casts. Thankfully Dr. B. R. Ambedkar broke this faith and today gave us wonderful book known as Indian Constitution.

Please do tell us, the hard won battle of freedom was achieved only when Gandhi and other prominent leaders worked at the grass route level and united us. Our Constitution clearly states that, right to equality is the first and very crucial fundamental right of citizens. If savior of our people, known as political leader keep on dragging generations behind thousands of years in the name of moral education where are the young going to be placed at?

Time has changed and everything seems better than it was many years ago in the name of society. If you want youth to go ahead, please provide them a subject - moral education which teaches them humanity not the discrimination, let it be any religion. Faith is individual’s priority but humanity is the need of society. If you raise generations following the same ideologies which have ruined and caused pain to many lives, I regret and worry about it.
- Namrata
All Right Reserved

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