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Friday, July 15, 2016

A Humanist's Morning

It is raining cats and dogs outside, and my clock shows 4.00 a. m. . I have been thinking of reading something as this is the time when my quest for learning something reaches at peak as well as I hear the voice within.
Lately I have been noticing through a lot of incidents which are associated to different places, and beliefs. I thought to choose something to read but it has been long since I have written anything or even counselled a person. I was on a break to learn Spanish and some other Subjects.
Well, Lately I have been learning through RIchard Dawkin's lectures and his work. He leaves me curious and astonsihed. I never read biology in my life with so much dedication. To understand what he meant and what he spoke, I had to clear my basics as I have been student of Math, Physics , and Chemistry in school.
Biology, and genetics were so alien for me, but since he left me curious, so I learnt. I learnt about all propounded theories of human existence and including Darwin's theory of Evolution. Gradually the side of the coin which I wanted to see , I have found. Till recently, I had conflicts with Religion due to the hatred and its extrimist in the world.
I have seen my friends following a certaing faith so blindly, and some of them were unspoken supporter of Zakir Nayak and ISIS as well. That is the problem of religious extrimist.
Richard Dawkin's documentary based on his work,-"The God Delusion" cleared my doubts as he included interview and dominance of the virus of the religion which is hollowing our humanity, teaching people to hate and killing in the name of religion.
Science and religion can not co exist, as religion could never define even about Universe, and planets. Though No doubt I value the literary skills of the valuable books of religion. The way they sell their beliefs and impose it on society, I am a big fan of that, But I am not ready to but that illusion when I know the truth.
I wasted my energy with religious people in the begining, but for them the only check mate they had was what is the source of Ethics for us, humanists? I wasted my energies in answering but now I do not. How can I tranfer them in ten minutes what i have learnt in years, after so much of dedication and learning, and how would I even conclude it with people who have only one intention to insult.
Not only that when Religious people don't see that their dillusions are not being accepted the ultimate weapon is to abuse :) . I don't hate religious people, because they are suffering from a psychological disease but for sure I hate the virus, and that you all might have understood.
So, stay curious, keep learnig. The wisdom is the ultimate source of the Peace.

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