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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Bully Grey!

No matter how many grey hairs you have, this does not give you an authority to talk bullshit and pass it on to the next generations. Your generation is equally responsible for ruining this society, and when some among us are trying to fix things it offends you. Age has got nothing to do with maturity as you can never have the vision what are the harms your generation did, and now still you are unwilling to learn. I don't care if people consider me cold or dark, I never did nor will succumb to such pressure because if some one is elder, they have no rights to domesticate me. Apologies Elderly! I own my all rights, exclusively me. I will not make elderly feel abandoned but all your injuries and hurt are due to your ignorance not due to people like us.
We are misfit young people, who are not willing to go specially against you. We choose the light over darkness and you yourself feel that we have turned our back on you. When we try to communicate, the big ego of yours does not let you hear what we say. Don't be trapped You the young people! Write the history of Revolution.
It is not okay when you put the burden of your castes, regionalism and Religion on our shoulders. What is the difference it makes? We are human race as a one like any other animal species. However, The strange behavior arrives on the surface only because you are a believer of an ideology which states that Human is superior kind.
But it is? How are we better than any other animal? We are self destructive, harming to the resources more than any other animal ever did, and still don't act against the situation just because majority of us have an illusion. The illusion that someone is watching over us. Yes, and not to deny with the fact that everyone has a different someone. But who is watching over us? If we ask that it offends you to be questioned.
We did not have a healthy society till now, and will not have it for upcoming hundred years if we don't improve the world now and unite against the mishaps. We have to fight against cultural and religious extremism. It haunted humanity. People take sides but rare one stands for Peace. Why is it so hard for you understand ?
The values of hatred and suppression where you taught to discriminate your generations on the basis of genders and many more things, should we really agree with such things?
You think, you are the only one who struggled in raising our generation but how many of us faced the torture, left our dreams without even complaining about it.
Still, there are prices of groom in the market. A boy from small village gets minimum four lacs in Marriage. Though it ends up getting four wheelers , bikes and so on. These ugly traditions have no beauty in it.
People who you invite in such an expensive marriage where you either sell your son or daughter, who knows, those people , do they bless? I have attended a thousands of marriage and they all do is the bitching.
If we go against that money should not be wasted in such deeds, it offends the elderly. Why so? Just because you saw a dream of a big marriage. What about dreaming your kid's happy life? Why don't spend on girl's education if she has some share in your property instead of buying a guy for her. Oh! Then again more miseries in the miserable minds, if you educate her, what if she selects someone from different cast? Right? You don't worry about their happiness, their heart and their wishes. It is after all your grey hair, which needs to be respected, isn't it?
Well.. We are done! Tired and Sick.. Some of us will rise.. and the idea will keep on going.

#Peace #Freewoman

- Namrata
All Rights Reserved

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