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Monday, December 12, 2016

Coercion Vs Love

Do the Indian Parents love their daughter or they do not know what love is? I know people would find me cold and dark or may be a threat that I do talk things which may break the Family.  However, you should not judge me or anyone without paying heed to what is being spoken. The problem with me is that I am no longer convinced the dreamy inheritance of foolish logics, and I keep my eyes open where I observe what is going around.

 Is love attributed to the prison or jail? When it comes to liberating their daughters, they consider that liberty is an illness.  We are so proud of our culture, indeed claimed thousands of times that women are respected. Is it? The land where daughter is sold for money? Oh please, if you haven’t seen this you might have not visited the eastern part of countries and the state of Bengal and Bihar etc.

From other states men, who don’t get married, they buy women for themselves. This is how we domesticate our women. Not only that, birth of a girl is a like family has got new animal slave. Domesticated as an animal and at every step she is reminded that she should know it, do it, or else her mother in law would throw out of her home, or husband would not be pleased.

Why should a husband be pleased like an authority? Marriage was supposed to be- to be there for each other in every up and down, and it should not work like government.

Parents would love to get their daughter married more than noticing about her happiness, and that is how they show their love. I have attended various marriages and if you look at mostly married couples who are attending their wedding ceremonies are only one who seem the most upset or either of them is actually, this is sarcastically funny and humiliating.

The only one form of bullying is used by parents is always we brought you in the world. So? If you brought us in the world, you did know that a specific sperm will get the genetic information from mother and rest millions are going to die in vain. Is this how you planned the birth of a daughter? I respect all parents who deserve but respect can’t be imposed on generations.  I understand the altruistic feelings of parents that they raised us well, and they should be supported in their old age but for fulfilling their wishes means one has no right to even decide for herself, which of the person she wants to live with?

Story does not here, if some girls even try to raise a voice or take stand, so there are numerous curse for some or emotional torture in for of blackmail ,-“You father /grandmother / this and that are heart patient, going to die if you do this”

Now, generations after generations tolerated this emotional blackmail and killed all the dreams they had and still the lectures that they were so great son and daughter does not end.  First thing one has rights to have sex with whosoever one wants, but this concept is too modern for some so at least have respect that your daughter has some ambition about career, and she does not want to waste this precious life.

She is an individual and a wonderful human being, let her grow, let her shine. As a conclusive note I can say that the way you love the woman, please stop.  If this is the love, I would rather prefer hatred over it, where at least you admit that you hate this gender and ruining lives because you are insecure. That seems genuine but not this love.  Rights should be persevered of every Individual, and there is no other greater approach than being humanist and thinking for every human being equally.
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