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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Freedom to Live!

The Freedom scares the crowd; if not all there are many traditional, religious and cultural people who feel very offended.  The definition of right character is defined into a narrow zone of their faith, no matter it kills the human existence itself.

In sexist societies where the dreams of each human being are defined, their roles are defined and in fact behavior, walk, and how you stand everything has been controlled and defined. They do blame the entire world and an imaginary creation Devil. If You just ask that why is it that a Traditional Nation like India has the Maximum number of women who sit at home even after being educated, just because society thought that to care is an obligation on women, she cannot aspire to be anything but to be a mother. Women are still seen as if they work lesser,  and they are paid 30 % lesser than men. This is not what I assume, please read the reports of International Labor Organization about wages gap. India is worst among Asian countries. If I mention these, there would be many to label me with tags of their wants.

Why are not we raised as without being told that this role is defined for man and this one is woman? Just Humanity is enough to shape their minds, and anything should not be followed blindly. It should be reasoned, debated, and concluded.

Culturally men has to play tough with a proverb they are raised,-“Mardd ko dard nahi Hota?” (Men don’t feel pain) . Really? Are they robot? Why is it they get stressed, heart patient and frustrated if they don’t feel pain. Any rational person would not accept this proverb. Men should have freedom not to be judged only because of the ability of representing emotions or pain through tears, none is the emotion, those are a part of personality.  

In many families, still a girl child does not get as many resources as her brother does. In the matter of education, food and health she is the one who stays under privileged.  Mostly girl have lesser height and one scientific study revealed the reason. They do not get even proper food as male sibling gets, so generation after generation, the feature of being short in heights became their attribute.  If equality is so offensive, imagine a world without woman.

Children are deprived of proper care. They face abuse, violence and mental humiliation even if they hold the key to future. Many of them are trafficked and many of them faced war going around the world.

In this much ugly world where everything is controlled, you think freedom is scary? I guess in name of freedom people use their ugly imagination of chaos which is not the freedom. Similar like when you propagate about sex education people tend to hear PORN in their head, and they are offended. Similar principles go with  Freedom, it is imagined by orthodox as vulgarity.

Freedom to live, freedom to question, freedom to choose a life we desire should exist. We are humans, not robots.

-          Love


#All Right Reserves

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