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Sunday, July 30, 2017

The era of psychologically sick people.

A man gets promotion because he works hard and a woman? What about her? This is how a conversation goes often. 
“She got the promotion because she slept with the boss”,
“Actresses are Prostitutes.. You know, she is the keep of him… ”, 
“How come is he helping her without gaining anything…? I do not buy this argument. ”

I heard many times and my blood boiled. Why do every morality, every promotion, every success and every growth revolve around the sex? There may be a part of women population who might trade their vagina for gaining something in corporate world or in any other industry. However, on what ground the entire race of women actresses stand in the category of prostitutes?  Every strong girl faced such accusations at one or another point of time but not men.  

These people, who appear so civilized often wrapped into branded clothes. I include both-men and women. Why do they often seek for sexual pleasure from the employees instead of their work? These incidents are so visible but still none confirms it.

How does a society work? At one side, there is a huge cry that we respect our women. However, Where does it happen?  

If a woman asks for help from men, mostly men think of getting the sexual pleasure. Some men are fine individuals; they help in normal way too. What is so offensive about it? Even if in reality it does not go physical. Why is it created in mind that something was physical.

What is the definition of morality here? If a woman is single, there must be something wrong with her. Why is it assumed always that wrong thing or some fault in the woman compels her for staying single? What about her brain and desire of future, she looked for herself?

When you try to highlight such issues of society, people start judging. They think they are your reasons. This makes me sick. You do not need to face the murder to condemn the murder. This is very simple. Yes, this is a segment of the society, and I condemn being a part of it. Gossips are not fun; they might be a reason for harassment for some.

The truth is that people are obsessed with their gender.  Gender gap has been maintained for thousands of years, and both have been sex deprived. They forgot that relations without sex are important, and you need not to bring sex while talking to opposite gender. This is normally human to human interaction. If two individuals want to have sex, none can stop it. It is their personal life, what they do in their bed rooms. Who are you to judge? Or declaring someone’s character after neglecting totally the hard work an individual puts to complete the task.

A woman reaches on top because she works hard as man does. It is the ability to carry the business. People may give lucrative offers so that a lady compromises. Why do they give such offers? Not many fields remain untouched.  When it comes to sales, do you think prostitution helps in raising the sales of the organization? Some people who themselves have a dirty mind cast a slur on other’s character. This is not what a woman does. This is what you are, and how much filth remains in your mind in spite of all the degrees. The mind still remains uneducated and unwise.

If prostitution is all you need, why not to hire direct from the ‘Kotha’. What is the need for troubling an educated woman and degrade her values.  Stop making a woman the sex symbol, Please! There have been women like human computer Shakuntala Devi, Kalpana Chawla etc. who showed their ability and disapproved these sick ideologies.

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