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Friday, July 21, 2017

Why do Indian men/women/society seem against an Independent woman?

What makes a man insecure in India about woman?

Indian people are known for their old and rich heritage. The cultural routes are integral part of human existence; this has been taught for centuries after centuries. Perhaps being cultural has more psychological reasons rather than beneficial for woman.

 If we look at the subject 'Culture', it glorifies thousands of reasons which will bring pride in individual. A sense of being better than other human being and more accepted in the community for sure perhaps compels the human being for adopting beliefs related to their culture instead of rationality.

The thought is triggered by recent incidents. One of the incident was a comment of the wife of former CM where she reacted critical against the women who go to shopping malls. I have been observing the reaction of public in social media, and elsewhere. I would like to remind that the woman who raised controversy was supported by her husband and ruled the state for a time being like her husband did. 
She gave a statement that she wanted a cultural bride for her sons not the modern woman who goes to mall.

I think we need NOT to avoid such sort of sentences. Is it a time to react? If she says so, there is a segment of society who has such ideology. I have been to villages and I see how they react and consider the modernization as a threat to purity of the society. 

Yes, a society where a dress decides the purity of the character, not her ideas or attitude. Regretfully, they measure morality on these baseless basis. However, it is enough to offend many that someone spoke about it. I will prohibit my urge of being judgemental, let give the lady a chance to describe her perspective. 

Let me analyse it ->  

The lady (who delivered a controversial speech) –

As a mother she might have wanted the best bride for her son, and as far as her statement is concerned, she might be very much proud of her cultural values and inheritance. Those values which might have influenced her opinion like modern girls who go to malls are bad.

What remains guilty here? Is it the lady or her upbringing or the society which handle over the ignorance generation after generation?

Society, which was divided into supporters or opposition-

Some people were opposing the statement, and they exist in same India. Others are the one who expressively or silently support such statements. That worries that society is being divided on cultural preferences.

About woman who shop in malls

Women who go to mall, they all are not singles. If you observe the population of shopping malls, it is open for all genders. Men, women, kids and elderly all can be seen roaming and purchasing the available brands at the best prices one can afford. In metro cities and big cities, the concept of mall rose because under one roof, there is competition. One gets services and a pleasing atmosphere to visit. If you travel along road side, there may be a travelling to the different places; one has to endure harshness of weather, unavailability of restrooms and food etc. What is wrong with malls here or the girls who visit them?

I sniff here; the reason the mall is not the problem. The problem was the independence of a woman. She makes choices and buys things for herself. She is not restricted in the boundaries they set. Perhaps this is the reason to carry such traditions. I know strong woman scares these people as if she grows strong and independent she would not love. But is it so? Slaves (woman) they are easy to be controlled which is unfortunately considered as love.  Imagination does not make anything  true, if one segment of society is scared of woman, let them be. That is a part of our culture. ..
- Namrata

All Right Reserved 

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