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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Careless Society of believers!

Life! Does it ever make sense to everyone? No matter how much perfect it seems but there are certain events which occur to create a level of discomfort in it. So, we all have problems whether you are a believer of god or not.

God! A Savior? 
Believing in god does not prevent harsh events in life. Bad things won’t happen to a believer, if one thinks so, he/she needs to check the people who face worst circumstances regardless of their faith.  Believers do face natural disasters, rapes, accidents and all bad one can think about. Natural problems, social problems and any other type of problems do not discriminate between a believer of god and an atheist. However, an efficient mind prevents the probability of mishaps or bad things.
Everywhere we are striving hard to survive. Not only humans, this is with all animals. Everyone struggles for resources like food and shelter. The life has been designed in very cruel manner. To survive, you have to exploit the resources of someone else’s. For example, the meat you eat or vegetables, they might be satisfying someone else hunger as well as yours. You get it because of your brain and arrangements. However the competition remains. At the same time you have to kill your genetic cousins to feed. ( To read more about genetic cousin- go through the work of Richard Dawkin) That is how the body works. Cells need energy to perform a task. 
In fact, we are food for some other animal too. However the superiority complex is more in us. 

Fundamental Reason for Social Problems-
Some of the humans tend to leave all problems for  Karma, Destiny and the designer of imperfect world.  There are people, who consider that human is superior but still believe that a particular animal’s piss (Let it be the cow or camel) can cure the disease.  This type of ignorance is filled in society- They know nothing yet the confidence level is at the ninth cloud. 

Focusing on the other universal bodies like Pulsar, Vampire stars, Black holes and dying planets is none of their concern- its god's headache.  
They need not to worry about when an asteroid may hit the earth, or black holes get wider enough to consume us all.  For these troubles- there remains scientific bodies like NASA. 
NASA has launched the DART project to save earth from hitting asteroids. However religious people are not interested to know about the real problems. I have mentioned it many times because it makes me sick when people turn a blind eye and ignore real troubles. How dinosaurs disappeared? One of the reason was - that time the earth was hit by asteroid and that was end for various species. 
Religious people take refuge in a hallucination that nothing will happen, lord/ god/ Allah / ram will protect them, as it has been happening for long.
He will fix it? Yes as if global warming has been fixed,  AIDS , EBOLA , cancer and so on… . Animals are getting extinct at faster rate because no matter how much one avoids but species are struggling for the same resources.  I don’t deny that science has not caused the disaster but if you compare it with prayers, it (science) has cured more.
When an accident happens, people run towards nearest hospital not to the churches or mosques or temple. Where does the faith go at that time?
Situations are not turning better due to this ignorance, and the truth is – Our planet is dying. One human can not change the situations in this scenario.  We all have to collectively act as a responsible human first. Every year there are raised concerns from environmentalists. People consider them crazy and that is okay. However, where is the habit of analyzing what if they are right?
People can’t turn to atheism, and I totally understand that human needs strong knowledge base to stand alone without god. Weakness of mind leads to hallucinations. However I disagree with practices where one avoids responsibilities. 
For example, Durga Pooja finished in certain states and rivers were polluted. Especially Yamuna was the worst affected. Celebrating at the cost of what? - Water? Yes because almighty blessed humans and he would keep on giving as he gives in deserts right?
Yes, deserts were earlier not deserts. They are turned into desert. This is where we close our mind and abstain from thinking and being responsible.
I wish, people keep their relationship with hallucination private and start taking the lead in making lives better because when a natural disaster occurs, it does not differentiate between an Atheist or a believer.


-          Namrata

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