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Sunday, October 8, 2017

How to debate on social media or over phone?

Social media and mobile phones brought a whole new world. People are free to speak, and go away with whatever claim they make without being legally responsible but causing a situation of distress for themselves as well as others. Today, my topic is to write about how to debate over social media or in day to day life over phone.

There are various articles and videos available for professional debates. However, my aim is to cover these two areas of debate – Social media and Telephonic conversation.  Debate is suppose to happen about a hot and controversial topic where people often tend to lose their temper. Losing temper is not the right approach. When other person does not look at your gestures over social media or having the conversation over phone this becomes far more difficult to understand the emotions. 

I get feedback and messages often asking how to debate, so I dedicate this post to the people who want to improve and consider my opinion valid.

First, start a debate on the topic which does not trigger your emotions. So, even if you are sensitive about some things don’t let your emotions be at peak. Debate is not for creating chaos, it is for digging deeper and deeper and understanding the wider version of opinions to get a conclusion.

Second, don’t get diverted from topic. Debate loses its charm when it becomes personal attack. Try to understand that -is it for understanding the question was asked about you? Or someone is abusing. Asking questions about one’s intention is genuine in debate, that may work like a trigger  for the opposition to abuse.

 Pointing out fingers at others won’t ever help. Though, I understand that people often try to play psychological games to win in form of abuses. Move back, if you can’t keep your question and arguments in right way. The most graceful way is to find a standard opposition which lacks often.

Third, keep two approaches in mind- first debate is to learn, and criticise, not to win. So, if you keep on focussing on why the hell opposition happens, you are never going to make a good debate. Don’t judge, only analyse. Ask questions, don’t abuse or do individual attacks.

Fourth, try to conclude gently by overcoming the differences and take nothing personal. Once you identify the patience level of opposition, you understand better who to debate and with whom to avoid it ;).
Note- My personal advice is please abstain from debating with na├»ve and abusive people. 

I hope this helps.

-          Namrata

(All rights Reserved- This article can’t be republished or reproduced without author’s persmission)  

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