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Friday, October 13, 2017

Pollute the 'Air' on this Diwali

Prayers work, none of the religious person ever dies from pollution, nor does his children. This is true right? PRAYERS work… Only healthy human beings are religious, traditional and cultural people. Especially those who celebrate Diwali with fire crackers get extra exemptions from the wind god(Pawan Dev/ Vayu Dev) .
 They (Religious Ones) and their kids never get Asthma, anxiety, memory loss or heart stroke. Even if the data is not available, but their faith says so, that’s what make it true. Yes, they should certainly celebrate Diwali. People like us, we nature lovers have some crazy thinking process. I get surprise by the primitive thinking of the crowd often.  
Some responses when I supported the ban on cracker were like this--“Diwali is a festival, one has the right to use the fire cracker. These are our traditions, we should respect our traditions.”
One among the best sellers author Chetan Bhagat also said that banning the cracker is like banning the celebration of Christmas, or banning the goat sacrifice on Eid. What a brilliant writer! I should say that I have never seen such intelligence among writers in my life. This is the precious gem of humanity, should be kept in Museum. As it takes a lot to be ignorant of this level even after studying so much, as that author did. This really needs some extra talent to waste all the money and be able to get degree and become published as well as popular without learning. 
Some people tried to justify the ban on cracker may create an economic loss. There is an economic cost of the ban on sales of cracker, I agreed. However, once the air is polluted, there is huge burden on population. A burden of disease, anxiety and strokes due to particulate matter, which can’t be reverted either.  This pollution causes a wider impact on human population- Like in maximum homes the burden of medical treatments, and in worst cases deaths.
 Even if the money is enough to restore the health, the air quality can’t be restored. Pollution may trigger anxiety issue due to bad health. Unnatural death due to particulate matter can occur. Perhaps that is a million times bigger than the economic cost of banning the crackers. However, all degree holder literates learnt an argument but it stays the same nonsense. 
Though there is a huge list of absurd arguments of religious-heads. Rationality and reasons can’t be expected from some. Diwali is on the way, the festival of light according to the Hindu traditions. I read entire thing about Diwali, where is it written in religious scriptures that one has to blast compulsorily on Diwali? The festival is known as festival of lights. Philosophical meaning relates to the purity of mind, enlightening the mind and taking away the darkness of soul. On the other side the religious message is that it is symbol of ‘Rama returning home after 14 years. That was celebrated  by the people of Ayodhya’
Where does it connect with the blasts and harming the environment? In fact, Diwali was associated with the cleaning of houses post rains. However, clean the house, light the candle, but do not care about the rising level of pollution. 
As the Judge sitting in Supreme Court, who gave this verdict of ban, only his family would suffer the air pollution or kids of the environmentalist. Special prayers of Diwali will perhaps play a safeguard for the people who follow their culture neglecting the pollution, Right? This type of thinking is widely accepted. I should not say thinking. The thinking does not exist among such defenders. 
Bring more absurd arguments that fireworks on New-year or in the Olympic ceremony are accepted, but not on Diwali. Well… Why not to show some maturity and initiate the responsible act first? No, that can’t be. Everyone runs to get the title of the ‘most absurd fool’ in a race of irresponsibility I guess. 
Things are curbed which pollutes Delhi and air quality more. This may offend your reasons yet, Diwali changes the air quality of entire city for almost a couple of months. Why is there a competition of being more absurd rather than being more responsible and finding Solutions? 
Because, one has to prove that how much traditional one is. It is mandatory to pollute the environment, because culture and traditions can’t be compromised. Very well... Wish! The prayers of these blind followers had cleaned the air quality or wish their children had not gone to hospitals. However all they can do is to wish, that’s what an adult who is taught to pray is capable of doing so.

-          Namrata

(Opinion is Personal and reserved. It can’t be republished or reproduce without prior permission)


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