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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Raja Ram Mohan Roy- Did he favour Muslim lawyers?

Raja Ram Mohun Roy was a social reformer of his time, a great man indeed.  I hold highest regards for him yet I have certain reasons for disagreements. 
 I often get indulged into debate related to the religion, society and science. I was having a conversation with a girl of different community. She is not as religious as others yet this remains undeniable truth that the religion plays an important part in upbringing and it does not leave often. Even if not intentionally, her reactions and yelling at me to prove a point narrows down her possibilities to have even a conversation. 
How this girl is related to the topic of Raja Ram Mohun Roy? Let me connect the story.  We were having a conversation about Raja Ram Mohun Roy and his incredible reform in society. There was one odd thing about him that he trusted mostly Muslim Lawyers. She mentioned that according to the Mohun Roy Muslims were better. 
I don’t associate with any religion and I told her that it was a biased character where one thinks that one community is better than others. My disagreements perhaps offended her, and it did.  L L Heated, irrational arguments were in the queue. She wanted me to believe that may be both communities (Muslims and Hindu) were absurd but what if there were/was certain things/thing among Muslims, which might seem better to him.
I said,- “What are the facts to prove that one community surpasses other in character? Why don’t you understand it in this context that if Indian government starts favoring one community over other, would it make them better?
However, my reasons did not work.  I gave other examples that individual decisions do not make a point rational and truthful. I don’t say that he (Mohun Roy) can’t have personal feeling that he liked Muslims but would it make the entire community better or less?
When American President Donald Trump banned the Visa for some Muslim nations there was a world-wide criticism for that. On the basis of humanity and constitution, it is wrong to favor one community and disgrace others. 
Mohun Roy’s decision remains a biased as all need equality and acceptance.
The problem is that in the name of holy books – let it be Geeta, Kuran, Ramayan or Mahabharat, People turn a blind eye to the simple logic. They consider these books are the source of morality and provide arguments like this often- that one misunderstood the context, one should talk to some religious scholar, one has low IQ, and so on but they will never address that yes- on humanitarian ground it is wrong to favor or hate because of religion.

-- Peace 
(This article is a personal opinion) 

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