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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

“Religion of Peace”- The widespread lie.

Every religion teaches ‘Peace’ as claimed by religious followers, but why can’t they achieve peace when they start living diverse society. People pretend to appreciate or like other religious communities often, so superficial. How dare I say superficial when they respect other religions? I can prove my point with ease. There is no sense of equality among communities as constitution wanted everyone to stand equal. Constitution is the core for administration and for legal machinery to execute the entire country, not the religion. Can anyone understand why?
Let us imagine a scenario if there was no constitution in a diverse country like ours-
 Would Hindus ever be able to live under Shariya law? Or would Muslims be able to live according to Shashtras? Or Christians would be able to please the followers of other religion? I don’t think it is difficult to imagine how areas would have been divided among religious communities. That is why, a state was kept secular- away from religion. I don't deny that there are some so called seculars, who failed to address the rights of some communities and favoured some. Perhaps they also lost the touch of neutrality. May be they are unaware or unwilling, but these people ruined the name of seculars.
The religion divides, and every religion wants to dominate another. This happened all over the world throughout the history. Is it too difficult to understand that if constitution does not enforce the equality through legal machinery, would not be a fight on daily basis among Hindus- Muslims – Christians to prove that they are better?
It still goes on. Sit among communities, and look at them how they consider and praise their communities and elaborate reasons for hating others, but hush, that remains a secret. Publically, they are proud of their religion but not against any other religion.
How can one be proud if he or she does not compare with anyone else?
For example- Talk about a luxurious car owner. When will one become proud of luxurious cars? Only when one has the awareness about non luxuries cars which exist in society. The one who does not know about the cars may buy anyone without being proud.
Same is with the religion, and its follower. They are same as Ferrari Owners. They are proud to have Ferrari, but they don’t disrespect the one who does not have the Ferrari yet they will consider to build a relationship only with those who own Ferrari Cars. However they are still not racist or unequal, how convenient is it? I don’t buy this behaviour.
There would never sustain an economic prosperity or growth as all religions take you backward. They have no business plans, and too much organized and concentrated religions will make it impossible to carry any business activity either.
Human rights violations will reach at its peak as there is not anyone more brutal than a man’s wicked mind that tends to know the wish of god.
For example- Women will never come ahead as religion will force them to take a back seat and let the bully ride- that is the society and leaders of it.  Women are considered as a source of sin in every religion, and messengers even said that most of the population of hell will be women. How racist?  People follow such racist heads blindly. Have you ever heard that people fought or killed other to prove if the constitution was/is right in India? However religion takes away lives.
Have you ever heard that the constitution provoked riots? No but the religion does it every time. Because religion turns their hallucination (god) as mean as they want.  An idea, a place, a labelled religious building holds more value than a human being.
Have you ever heard that constitution provoked people to hate? No, Religion does it every time. Other community is dirty and bad, this is taught in every home. People lie in public that they respect people from other community. I can see perhaps if they respect why don’t they let an inter cast marriage happen when it comes to their adult children?
At every step, the child is taught god has been watching over him/her since birth, god does not want a child to do that, god will hate an individual if he/she does not sacrifice a poor goat, or god will hate, if you eat non- vegetarian food, or god will ruin entire generation if one gets married to the person of the follower of other god? Does not it seem a mean mind to you?
Our constitution prohibits such practices which may harm the society and individual as well as spread ignorance, yet right to freedom of religion is abused. In the name of the right to freedom of religion, there has been widespread hatred among communities. Yes there is a race, they want more people to join their religion as they get free charity, land and labour. No doubt tax exempted.
Below poverty line and middle class families, they donate their hard earn money to these religious institution. Families don’t get benefit, yet these religious institutions keep on getting luxurious and wealthy- In the name of god.
Religion is the most wicked plan to divide human, I have come across. People think that I hate people of different religion, that is wrong, but I forgive them. As everyone thinks according to the standard they have. I love people beyond religion, I hate religion because it teaches to hate. I will continue to do so. 

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