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Monday, October 9, 2017

Superstitions and the Intellect of Society.

Superstitions are deep routed in human history and it has punished many innocent animals as well as human beings since the origin of man. With evolution we carried superstitions generation after generation as 'inheritance'. In form of culture, faith and religion, these superstitions differ from region to region. There are widespread myths without any scientific evidence. Women and children are the worst victim of superstitions.  

Superstitions seem so harmful that in some places women are harassed for being witches and for practicing witchcraft. Collectively by entire villages they are given punishment. Yes this is 21st century and there is a segment of Indian population which believes in superstitions and feels proud.

I can write countless superstitions I have encountered with while being with so called educated crowd:-
Some suggested me not to wash my head Sundays because I have one brother. Some suggested not cutting my nails on Tuesday or Saturday.  On Thursday I observed people wearing yellow colour and fasting. Fasting- I should not include yet, as I want to focus on another aspects and areas.
Does it make sense to anyone that getting your hair trim affects your feminine attributes or fate! Really? To add more absurdity to it, I was told that widowhood can be faced as the consequence if one denies believing in such superstitions? 
Donating oil on Saturdays saves one from the wrath of 'ShaniDev'. There are widespread myths even in cities, metro cities or anywhere Indians go.

There is one more funny superstitions of “Buri Nazar” or the “Evil eye”. What does this suppose to mean? Evil eye if it had worked, I think that the entire world would have been collapsed till now...because there is always enmity among humans. Socially society wants to regulate your entire existence and  at the same time gets jealous of your success. So Buri Nazar/ Evil eye is funny thing to be observed.

So, people use these myths and take shelter in religion that one has right to practice religion under article 25 of the constitution. In recent times some of Indian States like  Maharashtra Government and Karnataka Government passed a separate bill one after another to curb such social practices which causes social boycott or situation of superstitions. 
Both states have tried to evolve at least where Karnataka came forward in better way. In Karnataka there were prevalence of forcing a human to walk on burning coal, tongue and cheek piercing.
 Religion was supposed to guide human for a better life. However in today’s term it humiliates more. The rule won’t be enough, people need to be awaken from sleep where they believe in superstitions a name of tradition or culture. It needs to be restricted reasonably, and it is being restricted by the law. 
I often try to make people understand that scientifically if one can not understand that maturity comes with age in this Universe, at laest, don’t turn education into 'garbage'.
 If someone has the hallucination of god, why can’t they keep a god with high ethical character instead? Why their god has to be mean and match with the desire of men/ women? If someone washes head on Thursday, would it really matter? Really? 
Where all the conscience has gone? I don’t much agree that people will contribute to it, yet I guess the next generation will understand the rights of humans in better way than my generation sees it.  

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