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Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Darkness behind the Stars

 The Kapil Sharma show brought certain opportunities of interacting with celebrities even if the show is  scripted. Though show faced certain problems yet there was a lot in the interviews to be observed. There are two sides of a coin always. Our Indian film Industry does not remain untouched with it either. When government tried to restrict celebrities endorsing a brand, entire media was having a debate on freedom.

What is freedom as they debate?

I think now a day’s freedom means vulgarity, carrying self harming tendencies, and not being rational but following any nonsense the mind has. A major population follows the glamorous world and dies for them. Basically just because of their representation in front of camera, not because they are rational human being. Some even have fancies to be a drug addict because there are celebrities who perhaps take the drug and even if they don’t, there are widespread rumours.

Now, there is a side of Industry, where a junior artist goes for an audition, they are asked directly to have sex with them. There is no one liable for these sorts of unregulated agents. Perhaps industry accepts it. People who advocate freedom, why don’t they notice the concept of reasonable restrictions?

Actresses are always a sex symbol.

I thought that an actress is an artist who tries to play the character so that we understand that side of character. However, the way industry is going I see that crowd admired movies like Majhi, nil batte sannata, and pink. Yet, there are a lot of repetitive stupid movies are in queue. Forced in to script awkward and idiotic kissing scenes are inserted into movies like- “Jab harry met Sejal”. Perhaps king khan thought this way his movies would come back in market. But again, flop. This movie has the worst kissing scene I have observed. Though some may like it, however it was more like imposing kissing scene. That makes me creep.  

Shah Rukh Khan used to be my favourite earlier but he does not act any long, he behaves like SRK in every act he plays, because perhaps now acting is lesser than the brand image he carries. He is failing to do that. Actors are perhaps so much self obsessed or filled with admirers that they forget to understand the validity of Opinion.

What is the message they give?

I would not like to name publically, but one celebrity who had spent a lot of time in Industry has said in The Kapil Sharma Show that he managed two girlfriends at the same time where he managed one with feet and another with hand. Really? It makes me sick. We should talk about sex, genders but again woman is restricted to be a source of fun and her image is only restricted to the sex object. No matter how much United Nations tries to fill this gender gap, it will never occur until the psychology changes.

Girls go anywhere, they are not observed as a talent often, this is the tragedy, and perhaps will remain so.

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