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Friday, October 20, 2017

Why don’t I celebrate Diwali?- From Religion to the age of reasons.

Festivals bring joy. Families meet and reconnect with enthusiasm. Cultural and traditional dresses are everywhere visible all of sudden. Some people feel so kind and humane that they even donate some sweets, lights or clothes on a religious day. One day to earn an 'afterlife reward', and to love and to cherish the culture. How kindly greedy!
The festival of lights symbolizes different context, two among them are popular. The First-- It is a festival of prosperity and wealth. On this day people worship the goddess Lakshami – the goddess of money and fortune.
The land which almost struggles to improve in Global Hunger Index, what else can be expected from people out of them? A miraculous support even if that is imaginary helps. Though, Not all Indians are poor, there is a huge list of rich Indians too. However, I am talking about an important segment of Population.
 They(people) turn a blind eye to the reason. They do not want to analyze that when Goddess Lakshami brings fortune, India should have been the richest country in the world. However who stands in the category of rich? Any Indian can’t say that it’ the motherland.
Economically we are trying to learn and make policies; there also none of the Mantra of divine help arrived for us. We are learning economics and working to alleviate poverty. A thousands of years, and worships went into void yet it remains difficult to understand that goddess of fortune failed to bring fortune. 
Second context is related to Lord Rama, on the day he returned Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness OR victory of good over evil. Lord Rama, the incarnation of god, He is considered as “Maryada Purushottam” (The best man ever- or the most ethical one ) even in text books of some schools. Many previous authors mentioned it and the same thing I would like to rewrite but in short. People need to read Ramayana to know about him more. 
“Why does only Rama get the tag of MaryadaPurushottam? Who does want a husband like Rama? Was he the best man? He was neither intelligent enough to handle the life, what can be learnt from him?
In fact if we follow the constitution, he would have landed in jail for leaving his pregnant wife in jungle just for almost nothing. Perhaps for outraging the modesty of Shooparnkha as well.  She proposed Rama and Lakshaman and what did they do? They humiliated her.
Another absurd thing I don’t understand about the procedure of the birth of Rama. How come from eating a sweet dish(So called Kheer) one gets sperm in Uterus? Stomach and Uterus can never connect. Stomach connects with intestines, and then the wastage comes out.
It takes only the vagina to get pregnant, so that sweet should have not been eaten but could have placed from vagina to Uterus.  These stories are written at a time when stomach was considered as Uterus. So, they wrote a marvellous literature- “eating something led to pregnancy” 
He had a character full of faults and religious people put an argument that those were ‘Lilas”’( Plays ) done by him as human. So if he played like human he should be treated like human as he is full of mistakes. 
He married first, before being king. When he returned to Ayodhya, he chose to be a king first and forgot the vows swore into marriage ceremony earlier. Sita, rama’s wife- she was left alone in jungle while she was pregnant. That is heinous crime in today’s world. 
People might be happier that he returned, I am not at their side of feeling. Neither I am happy about the fact that India remains behind when there is so much information available based on facts. We purposefully turn our children hallucinated. We want them to believe in stories not in reality. If these backward traditions keep on dominating India, we will struggle in diversity. Politicians will touch the nerve and it will not lead to any solution. Though, education is the key, perhaps it can take away the darkness of minds and society. 

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