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Sunday, November 5, 2017

 Born Unequal

The broad difference between men and women remains wide in India and in many parts of the world. No wonder according to the World Economic Forum’s report ‘Global Gender Gap Index 2017 ’India has slipped 21st places.  Last year the rank was 87th and now the rank is 108th this year.
I don’t say that I blame my country, no I do not. I blame the ‘thinking’ and the ‘upbringing’ of the most of the men/women born here. These both are not very humanist and kind towards women. Many women don’t agree with me for two reasons- the first; they are just born lucky in better families that they do not face harshness of the society. Second, they are just dumb not to notice the dilemma faced by majority. 
The gender gap is visible at every step here, since birth to death. Life cycle of woman is such that she rarely realizes ‘the purpose’ of her life. She is domesticated and trained to serve ultimate purpose –‘getting married’ and to perform ‘household chores’. 
It is good to be responsible, but it is not right that one human keeps on sacrificing from food to freedom while other gets plenty. Girls in many families are told when it comes to food to compromise and leave the food for brother, father or husband. Men need nutrition but women do not need, some act so. In similar way, a little girl needs to sacrifice her education because most of the time families can’t afford to educate of two children. The priority is male child. Ultimately the myth is kept alive—Male child gives secure old- Age. Yes in the country which ranks the worse in Elder- Abuse. Data and rank show enough how a male child takes care of them well for their ideologies. Blaming men is also not a solution to this either.
 There are standard parameters of measuring the global scenario of gender gap where women remains deprive -
1.       Health and Survival
2.       Educational Attainment 
3.       Economic opportunities 
4.       Political empowerment 

Worldwide 68% gender gap has been closed yet the reason for worry is that-- it is slightly less than the previous year’s 68.3%.  Global gender gap will take at least 100 years to bridge compared to last 83 years. A long way ahead to cover the differences between two genders which existed for a thousands of years in every nerve, thought, ideology, culture and religion.
If a woman gets education, there is no end of struggle. She faces gaps in pay and it reaches till Hollywood. The major concern is workplace gender divide, according to the report; it will take 217 years to close.
Perhaps the hero centric society considers that a woman is feeble and can only shout for help. Yet in reality she can thrash mobs aside if she is raised like a human/man. Here I blame upbringings. The society has a problem with bold women. They are considered as morally degraded for speaking the truth. People turn a blind eye, and they can. However if one considers oneself a humanist, they should not let it happen. Collectively, we can turn it better- A humanist society.  

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