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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dark Shadows of Love Jihad: Turn a blind eye, Oh Liberal!

'Love Jihad'--This word has a lot been in news due to Hindutava Forces and Organizations. Some Hindus even circulate pamphlets in states that Muslim conspiracy is to convert girls of other religions in Islam.  Denying and accepting on emotional basis would not lead to a better analytical conclusion. I have some evidences and incidents which I would love to narrate. These are on the basis of reality and personal experience. None of these incidents is concocted on the charming ideologies of liberties and kindness. These are personal but do exist. However the probability of existence may not be higher or pleasing, this fact has also been considered while writing this.  
Very recently, there was news of circulating Kareena Kapoor’s Picture on a pamphlet. The pamphlet raised the issue of Love Jihad. True! Kareena Kapoor got married to a Muslim Saif Ali Khan. However if you see the sister of Saif Ali khan, She married to Kunal Khemu.  Kareena Kapoor did not convert to ISLAM, as people claim according to some pieces of news. The example given is not right; some people among Muslims do fall in love. 
In another scenario, In Kerala State, the high court has a case where a girl was converted into Islam after she fell in love with Muslim. Her parents suspects that the girl left to fight for ISIS. Incident may be true or false. The Supreme Court defended fundamental rights of the girl and It should have been so. However my question is, why should a woman convert at all? 
In districts of Uttar Pradesh, I could interact with some Sub Inspectors during 2011. Some of the guys from Muslim Religious backgrounds wore Hindu symbols (Red thread Kalawaa in hand, and put red tilak on forehead) to lure girls. That time ruling government did not let this case come on surface due to communal reasons. 
I have heard a phrase from Muslims friends of mine that, some of them believe that if they convert a non- muslim into a Muslim, they get heaven booked for seven generations. This is considered so holy practice. I genuinely, without any hate been friends with Muslim men, but I could personally experience that religion holds the utmost priority for most of them but not all. They are not open to criticism. One among them often said right on my face that the greatest religion is Islam. This shows a threat to secularity, and provokes communalism. It applies to every religion. I was shown kindness too, perhaps to prove that. However when I supported the magazine Charlie Habdo, their reaction was obviously disappointed. 
I deviated from topic, I was talking about love Jihad. All lovers do not stand in this category, but denying it completely will only make the situation worse. Love does not have a religion, and wish everyone holds such high level of principles. To my regret, when people are brought up by hearing to get heaven as a reward for converting other communities. It is obvious for them to act in such a way.  
It is a personal opinion, and I guess when it comes to giving the daughter to other cast, or community – everyone gets offended. When it comes to bringing the girl from other community, it is a matter of honour and pride. If not all, most of them believe so. 
I understand not everyone deserves this scepticism; however, girls of every religion should abstain from converting to other religions. Women are not born to follow the religion of husbands. They can have their own identity and court has enough medium for them for their protection. If someone loves you just because you will be converted one day—let it to be Hindu or Muslim or Christian, I suggest you better find another partner.

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