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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Bhagwat Gita: A book of Inequalities and injustice!

My obsession with Bhagwat Gita- I was stupid enough to curse me for 'nothing'

During hostel days, I was extremely religious. People who lived with me, they knew that in every word – there was god, and I carried Bhagwat Gita everywhere I went. I was introduced by the concept of 'Karma' since childhood. 

Growing up brings struggles and shatters the image of the world which breaks young hearts, and I was no exception to it. 

What have I gone through, that is not important but this will help in connecting the dots that somewhere the book which advocated Karma, made me guilty of a sin I did not even commit, and I prayed to be forgiven to get the better life conditions. 

Anytime when I was into a harsher reality of life, I sought a refuge in religion.  I can relate to the fear of people when they are scared to be punished and stick to the side of god and religion. It takes a lot of courage to fight your own demons. 

Thank goodness, my curiosity and my love for the science soon broke all those believes gradually. It happened in process, not in a day. 

Therefore, today I live better, and I am more in to reality, and I seek for scientific solutions. Since I have learnt that the evolution took place and species struggled for survival and we are also born animal, it seemed I woke from the slumber. 

Religious books are imposed on the youth because people can not make sense and give the suitable answer. It takes a lot of observation and reading to find some sense. 

I believed in evil, bad karma and all superstitions. Today when I look back, I just laugh at my stupidity and ignorance. Yes, I do not believe in Karma of past births.  I love my life, I respect me as a human- sorry, I can not curse me for anything which I don't even remember. 

How does the Bhagwat Gita spread inequality?

कृषिगौरक्ष्यवाणिज्यं वैश्यकर्म स्वभावजम् |
परिचर्यात्मकं कर्म शूद्रस्यापि स्वभावजम् || 44|| Chapter 18

The Meaning
Agriculture, dairy farming, and commerce are the natural works for those with the qualities of Vaishyas. Serving through work is the natural duty for those with the qualities of Shudras.

Now, when I posted the same post earlier, there were a lot of questions which were pointing me that I did not mentioned the verse, so I did now. 
Second, people started giving me other verses which taught the kindness. 
They exactly supported my point themselves. 
So, my point is - people are selective when it comes to their religion. They only chose good, and ignore the mess religion has created. 

The meaning of above verse clearly supports that ' Serving through is the natural duty for those with the qualities of Shudras. 
Don't you understand that Shudras have not been kept equal. This model failed economically and on the parameter of human rights. 
Manual scavenging and the rude behaviour towards the Shudras as mentioned in Bhagwat Gita has been coming from this source. 

Not only that, the Bhagwat Gita also states that the Shudras are born in struggled cast because of their past Karma that again give the superiority complex to the people of so called 'higher casts' and they misbehaved socially with the people. 

As another verse goes, 
चातुर्वर्ण्यं मया सृष्टं गुणकर्मविभागश: |
तस्य कर्तारमपि मां विद्ध्यकर्तारमव्ययम् || 13|| Chapter 4

The four categories of occupations were created by me according to people’s qualities and activities. Although I am the creator of this system, know me to be the non-doer and eternal. 

The constitution of India provides right to equality as a fundamental right, and the book which was suppose to be perfect can not do justice with the human rights.

Why people are so much against love marriages and forced arrange marriages are done? Another example of inequality is given in this verse of Bhagwat Gita

कुलक्षये प्रणश्यन्ति कुलधर्मा: सनातना: |
धर्मे नष्टे कुलं कृत्स्नमधर्मोऽभिभवत्युत || 40||Chapter 1
When a dynasty is destroyed, its traditions get vanquished, and the rest of the family becomes involved in irreligion. 

Basically, Bhagwat Gita did not allow system to be changed. 

In the end, theory was so lucrative- where it promises the luxuries in the next birth, people believe because they do not know about previous or next birth. They are scared, so they surrender. When a growing up mind panics with harshness of life, it seeks refuge in religion, drug, sex or denial. 

 These religious books have certain ignorant explanations which help restless minds in understanding the simple concept of life – Survival. 

The medium that is taught by these books often filled with many misleading ideas. None of us dare to question as- believers have higher number. They are even authorised to kill a non believer. Killing does not make them guilty either; in some cases they even feel proud of protecting their culture and religion. Yes, that one which they claim teaches the humanity and better than the constitution. 

The world is not as emotional, evil, bad or good as it seems in movies, or in religious scriptures. They define it in terms of black and white, either good or bad. However, sometimes bad performs good and the good does bad.  Humans are not perfect. 

In short, I can put it like this-- Why don’t I consider that the decision to spread the message of Bhagwat Gita is wise, at the same time when society talks about EQUALITY, JUSTICE and PEACE? As an individual citizen, voter, I felt offended when our constitutional heads spread such sort of messages. 

Evidence that president Pranabh Mukherjee supported to get a lesson from Bhagwat Gita

It was more than I could take when a ruling party thought to make 'The reading of Bhagwat Gita compulsory in Schools.

To read a religious book is a personal choice and once you learn and update yourself – Spirituality may exist but religion has no place. 

My generation may have clashes with me, and I totally understand their lives, so I hold no grudge against them for misunderstanding me. My generation is so stressed about earning two square meals that most of them who think that they know everything, they do not know even that DART project is for what being implemented by NASA. 

In 2022, and 2024, there is a possibility that binary asteroid Didymos A and B may hit the earth. 

No one cares about climate change either, as they are ready for death. 

A deep slumber, and never ending hallucinations, I don’t hold the equality with those minds. May be I am mad, they are normal. However my madness is more reasonable and peaceful.

Perhaps in subconscious, it affects our psychology. That is the reason when a woman faces widowhood—a segment of so called relatives start blaming her Karma and she is at fault because the Bhagwat Gita supports the Karma Theory. 

Who knows in heart people justify rape too, that is also a karma. Or karma is being done for future, how convenient is that? It makes one more hateful of them and more miserable. If someone is seeking solutions for problems in Gita, they will be more miserable.

 People claim whatever they want to, but I am not convinced with this Karma theory of Individual. I have a replacement Karma Theory of it, which I will elaborate later on.  

All Rights Reserved
Note- This article can't be republished or reproduced without author's prior permission. 


  1. What a bullshit try hard you just pick one quote above every quote he mentioned the quality of of every varna believe in god or not you have no right to lie orcheat by cherrypicking your nothing more then attention seeking slut

    1. ok, and you are giving attention to the 'attention seeking slut'. How pathetic! :P :D


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