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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Touchy Brave : Vigilantism on Art

There are certain pieces of art, which definitely do not get approval from a particular sect of society. That time an aggressive upsurge happens in news papers--- It is usual to threaten free artists for painting on canvas or for making movies like (now) Padmavadti or PK earlier.
I am born and brought up in Rajput family and I assume that there are better opportunities for Rajput to study and learn yet in the name of culture, all become so rigid all together. The height of hatred is that a group of ‘vigilantes’ so called ‘Karni Sena’ threatened to Deepika Padukon to chop off her nose like Shooparnkha. (Shooparnkha is a character from Ramayana)
Talking is almost impossible with them as they do not understand the language of liberty but want freedom to attack, or shut an artists creation forcefully. This is a land regulated by laws. Threatening to kill/hurt someone just for art does not achieve anything but shows a future for such criminals in jail.

Deepika is an actress; she is not expert in reading history or unnecessary sentiments. None of the artist can be. A movie is a piece of art, and everyone has got the brain. Why a group has to be scared when tempered with a particular version of story? There are plenty of TV serials – all hallucinated and created related to History legends, No one fights that time that history is being tempered. They drag the generation behind yet all shushed.
Before watching a movie, giving a conclusion it is not worth either. People who are against the script are not even aware themselves about history. Taking law in hand is not absolutely acceptable in democracy. Wish this much drama this ‘Karni Sena’ could have done when there was a news that a woman was raped by the drug edict and the road side people walked like mute watcher.
That time all the courage goes into vein, and all hate is poured against an artist- forcefully. There are bigger and practical problems than just sentiments. When India tops in the hunger Index, bribery list or poverty, why do not such sort of aggression come in the country? That time everyone gives up, blames government, democracy, corruption and all the stupidity. 
To my regret various ministers who are associated with government, they are also requesting from Information and broadcasting ministries that the movie should not be released. The ideals of democracy seem to be falling weak here. 

Wish the youth of my country finds better reason and directions. It is okay; let the artist create an art for us. None is fool to believe that to be true. People are aware that it is an art of fiction. Better use this aggression for making the world better not to ruin it!

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