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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Being Unethical : A way to Survive.

The Majority of population thinks that survival is an ability to change according to the circumstances. A scientific line and mostly misused by pseudo-scientists and crowd.

Survival is an ability to change in body according to our natural habitat where species adapt change to live more. Survival is harsh sometimes where species fight for resources. Both contexts differ from one another. The first one gets inspiration from greed and unwillingness. Second one is due to willingness to be alive.  
People use this term - Survival to loot and to prove that morally degraded world has turned them so.  Hiding the sense of morality behind the tagline of ‘Survival’ is like using the same concept ‘Survival of the fittest’ where Nazis tried to wipe out Jews thinking them the best race.
It takes a lot to be this much morally degraded. Human mind is much more capable of doing good and can control nature. Creating Chaos and corruption in the name of survival --I do not get it. For promotion people sell their character, principles and ethics- This is not know as survival. This is called as weakness where all support one another in crime and make the world unnecessarily miserable for other people.

My generation which is known as Millennials Or Generation Y, got many privileges of technologies as well as faced many disadvantages of changing world. However, the question is where has the sense of morality gone?

I see people are often confused between two terms- Liberty and Vulgarity, and I feel disappointed.  Are we losing hope? I hope we don’t become the generation of opportunists who gather facts according to their advantages. Growth and development are needed but not at the cost of self-centered fact tempering...

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