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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Holier than thou

Somewhere a deeply religious person wanted to spread one religion at the cost of innocent lives as incidents were visible in Europe like Paris Attack. One religion of peace harmed in another religion of peace In Rohingya Crisis. Taliban also not letting the peace be In their own regions. In India, In Rajasthan someone burnt a man alive over the suspicion of Love Jihad, but that was also peaceful. The same murderer's video went viral and I heard the man in video,-“ We have to be murdered after all, why not to kill some of them too and die”. 
In the most recent case a man was beaten to death because he was a Muslim and wanted to be married with hindu. Behind mob lynching also there is no religion involved-- I am convinced (sarcastically). 
Can someone sense the insecurities among the religious man? Though, we can’t avoid the fact that there are efforts among communities to lure woman of other communities and convert them to their (men's)religion, so that upcoming generations spread the particular religion of particular community. This seems sick, and this sickness has been consuming our world all together.

Humanists may discard the existence of god due to their scientific minds, but they will not kill or let anyone else get kill because someone believed in god. Every Religious Ideology should be criticised on humanist and rational ground when they fail to protect the interest of human beings.
For grievances, there is something called constitutional Machinery, but no... there has to be a competition which is destructive in nature as religious people act.  This is visible trait of them all. 
What has happened to this world, why have people turned blind eyes to these murders and mass murders?
Media gets TRP by highlighting sentiments and tempering with facts. What a wonderful world  we are creating! 
Only because we are in deep sleep, and scared of reality. Our Politicians are compelled to speak that all religions deserve respect as we the crowd, we want this to hear. They are also the part of the crowd. Do you think these man would have ever murdered someone from other community without having 'Religious Inspirations'? Religious man is suspicious, seemed so against all the members of other communities.
These religions competing with one another in hate, to spread insecurity, and media adds  into these destructive dimensions.  
There have been good men in every religion no doubt, who prevented many rapes from happening, saved one- another in riots but to my regret the strength is less. Most of the people may not kill others but somewhere the hidden support that extremists are doing right remains in mind. These extremists are not heros or doing great job to the religion. They are harming humanity and democracy because they are taking the law of the land in hand.
Religion should not dominate the world, the education should.
What is the point of such religious morality where everyone competes to be greater and hates other.
Most of the violence which happened in recent years occurred only in name of religion, yet hush… religion or communities which give all the foundation of characters, should not be blamed. If someone dares to say that, for the sake of humanity, how dare he/she? 
These religions keep on spreading a lie that people who do not follow the religion they are devils and worshippers of Satan or do not have morality. 
The world does not need any devil till the religion exists in society. Its we non believer humanists at least try to save the left over humanity through writings, and education and not by bombing or killing like religion infected minds are. 
- Namrata 
All Rights Reserved

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