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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Is Soceity ready for Children who have Scientific aptitude?

I was in train, and was travelling to my home state. I prohibit talking yet every time I end up discussing with entire compartment. I never get it why and how, and in return I get experiences which worth a lot.
There was a man right in front of my seat reserved, and he asked me gently, - “Beta (daughter) would you eat something?” I was sceptical so I denied. I do not trust strangers, this is what I learnt.  He smiled, and then after a while one family with an infant joined our journey.
I do not remember then how the conversation started and we were having the crowd in our seats due to interaction. People came and sat in front of me and in side as well.  We discussed from the politics, science to Indo – Doklam issue as there was an army man from Tamil Nadu, who also contributed his piece of knowledge. The journey went well in discussion and like always, there were positive feedbacks and good bye.
What left me astonished, I want to share. While I was talking about backwardness of education, this initially offended many patriots there. Who thought my statement was against my country, no it was not at that time too and they did not know me as a person.
Later I made them understand that during the time of British, when the education was given in quality and master degree was in trend, there were more nationalists and leaders. As a result, British cut the expenses of higher education; instead they spent only in mediocre education so that they get labourers for their work. Post independence, there have been lesser efforts for updating the education. The last committee was set up in 1966, and now the present government constituted the committee in 2017 and ran some programmes for higher education. Though there is a criticism about education sector too, but I would leave the politics aside.
That man, who asked me earlier for eating something, was no doubt very affectionate towards me in a gentle way. I was shocked in the very next moment when I heard him saying-“Our scientist do not fail because they sacrifice coconut before launching satellite.
I mean ---really? I know the backwardness of educated people as well. 
                                                        The Present government has been taking keen interest in increasing the scientific aptitude among children for what it has organised various programmes – and started Avishkar ABhiyan so that people start pursuing studies in science. Various steps are taken like highlighting the achievements of ISRO but as the society runs on certain principals, I think, it is very difficult for a person with scientific aptitude to adapt outdated theories. They end up being either— isolated or stressed often.
Scientific temper should rise through awareness in society through various programmes and awareness campaigns. People often discourage a child who has higher curiosity which leads to the scientific thinking. Teachers get fed up with curious students. They are often treated like Mad or outcast.
Like how would I accept that sacrificing a coconut will lead to the success of the satellite or ISRO’s mission. These same coconuts are sacrificed when someone purchases a car too, yet the accident rate is worrying in India.
In corners of the roads, and highways – religious buildings occupy the public place and people consider that they prevent accidents. Various stories run across. If those so, religious buildings prevent accidents why accidents still occur? I get silly responses, this man (Who got accident) had the Karma Bucket filled. Has he to face death for that?  Or he did not bow in front of the deity. Is the deity so arrogant that kills for not bowing head? Does it make sense to worship such hallucinated ideologies?
In the society of superstitions, the scientific aptitude remains depressed. It takes long to feel normal and understand that the same people who are our loved ones may be outdated and one should avoid ignorance for keeping the home happier.

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