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Sunday, December 24, 2017

The fault in Family: Elders are not always right

Family is the symbol of love and it nurtures the child. No doubt all respect goes to the hard work of parents, yet there are various aspects which are hidden behind the fact that it’s the family which is overvalued against humanity. People chose their own, and this is natural as well. So, for what am I writing?
I am writing about when we don’t speak against something which is harmful at humanists ground yet because it will offend our elders, we chose to stay quiet.
I have seen various examples where we stop being honest, and chose to be ruthless as this is a tradition of silence. There are some incidents which are still practiced in the society. The number one remains – dowry, where parents are the main culprit at both sides. No matter how many laws came into practices, the practices would not die until the unnecessary importance of culture fades away.
The boy who never hears his parents opinion about smoking, studying or for idiotic craps all of sudden becomes obedient and turn all the responsibilities towards parents shamelessly. Some boys are so much over rated that they ask for a price themselves. Some even argue that – “Whatever you do, you do it for your daughter… ” , “We spent so much on our son ”, and bla bla..
A society has narrative that the male child gets property, so it(Dowry) was for daughters to get something out of money. Oh really? Who stopped you from giving her a property? Was not that dumb that you did not spend on her education but preserved for that for buying a groom.
Our celebrities – One of them got Audi in marriage and showed it off. After paying so much price for the groom , the girl is a maid for free. Her labour remains unpaid. She works since morning to evening, yet there is no recognition for it.
I know before me many spoke about it in different way and today I am. There will come more, as our girls compromise that they are nothing in the name of the respect for elders. They don’t take a stand that the one who is demanding money, he would not share a connection like soul mate with her ever. She is just a deal for releasing hormones.
So, women are sleeping that they underrate themselves and keep on compromising. Compromise is the key for a happy family, but humiliation is not. You can compromise when your parents earn less and can’t effort the luxurious lives. However, compromising  in such situation makes you – Girls  and boys both the equal partner in crime. Why is there so much ego problem in our elders that one simple humanist principle goes above their head?
Denying for all ill wishes, unnecessary demands, this is not called as respect, and if this is called as respect, I would hate this word respect. The gender equality is so tough, but one day this will happen.

- Namrata

All Right Reserved

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