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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Political Weapons- The Making

Politicians have their own charm to attract people from different segments. They deliver
speeches - sometimes filled with nonsense but their words touch the common targeted  sentiments. This is all planned to get votes, and when one party comes to rule, often it carries forward the legacy of the previous governments. It all goes in a pattern.
In opposition, there come defeated parties and they have their role assigned. They have to provide constructive criticism against the government into power, and they have to be good at that. The concept of constructive criticism often turned into hatred and through various political activities that hate prevails in society. The trust deficit among communities is already higher, which widens more due to political activities in social media.  
In democracy - Citizens have a central role yet they are the most mislead and unaware. Every Leader should be seen as human first- and mistakes are inevitable in their decisions. The human mind collectively can never be pleased. 
We have a tendency to be blinded by faith. Without understanding the nature of politics, believing and having faith in all leaders leads a country no where. The Youthquake  is important for which young people have to break all the slumber and come ahead to participate in politics. 
Unaware crowd is victim of its unawareness and society gets divided because what the crowd wanted to hear was delivered in speech of the leaders. A leader should have a vision and actions to deliver that. Vision in secular countries should not be related to temple, mosques, churches or other religious things. There is a connection between religious countries and economic growth. Associating religion with politics slows down the  economic growth.
Some ethical code of conduct or language should be designed for constitutional dignitaries to act in. Freedom is good with wisdom, and wisdom is rare. 
All leaders go ahead mostly in similar direction of growth, though the path may be zigzag. For example--British P.M. Theresa May was opposing then PM Devid Camroon, but once she got the majority, she carried his legacy forward. 
In India, current government leaders condemned many things once- like MGNAREGA etc, yet when they came into power they applied GST, and continued MGNERGA. The same leaders who lost the election and drafted GST were standing tall and ahead in opposition. Are they acting like rolling stones? In normal day to day life, it can be assumed so.
However, as politicians they have certain role to play. They have to criticise and yet once in the government, they have to be progressive. To participate in politics first one should understand about the politics.
If we talk about followers, most of them trust a leader who speaks and touches the issues the crowd wants to hear. However, to my regret, among them some become political weapons, who are die hard fans of a leader and political party with aggressive views against opposition. I see rise in such trend. To criticise any political leader who is in the government is the key feature of democracy. People have less endurance to it.
I see blind trust for all political leaders, which may not be healthy for nation. I do not want to name a particular party, this situation is with all. Die hard supporters of EVERY party not just ruling one intend not to endure any criticism but want others to hear the great work done by their favourite leader.
People have opinions, accept that. After all it is democracy, but in criticism one should avoid violence promotion and widening the divide in nation. Opposition and ruling both should morally abstain from doing it. However, this is just a written content, neither people are so well understood nor politicians are that responsible that they can stop this hatred in name of criticism. In long run, its we  the people, who are going to suffer for trusting those highlights which were created to divide and loot the vote.  
- Namrata 
All right Reserved. 

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