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Monday, December 4, 2017

The mentoring of Minds

There are various causes           addressed by the government and international organizations like – Health and Nutrition. One thing international communities have been avoiding for long is – Mental Growth. I include this point as well that the world is filled with sufferings. No doubt food is the basic priority for them and a hungry person does not learn. However, a major portion of the expenses should be done in the growth of individual minds- Ethically, scientifically and emotionally.

The mind development is almost shunned. This cost heavily on society at every level, where generation does not understand the responsibilities it holds to carry the world forward. Slower we realize the more we lose. Millions of the money is spent in raising awareness, cultivating habits and in reducing problems. Few people, who are aware, are overburdened due to the negligence of the bulk.

World is growing financially, economically but most of them seem ‘deprived’ when it comes to wisdom, knowledge and ethics. What can be expected from the generation who is so unaware, lost in limited texts, and where cultural norms are suppose to be the guide for morality. It does more harm than benefits. Most of the people are not even responsible for their actions.

 There is a social disease which I see, where a grown up adult talks to the invisible and does wrong intentionally. Later he comes and asks for forgiveness from the same imaginary thing he talked earlier. He considers that all the sins which are done, would be forgiven.  These types of individual rarely feel responsible for the world and planet.  What trends online that shows the choice of youth.

I say no, at individual level whatever you do, it ruins our lives collectively. You smoke, and a person who sits near you most of the time have probability of getting cancer too. Same happens with being ignorant citizen and a human on earth. We have wiped out near about 50 percent of other animal species, not only because some of us are non vegetarian but because even if we are vegetarian, we are ruthless and careless about nature.

Do you think because we ask for forgiveness, will nature ever forgive us for the mess we keep on creating... The earth is dying, and none can stop it until there are collective efforts to prevent and protect it. We think we have time, we don’t have time.  

This sickness and careless of brain should be focused and worked upon. We cannot carry the burden of ignorance any long, we need to learn, unlearn and keep moving forward. Here people are blocked; they have stopped thinking, performing and just giving their genetic copies to the world which are same unproductive as their parents are.

There is no sense of responsibilities, or population control or sustainable use of resources. Human when ignorant remains all about waste and that is what I see, A population who digs its own grave with a smile.  Being jovial is different than being nonsense. Happiness is far more different than being unproductive.

This should be emphasized by the governments, global communities and all other organizations where next generation gets investment in mentoring. Social engineers should plan more to gain the attention towards books and growth, or else few responsible won’t ever be enough, we need more hands from every level.

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