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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

...Unhealthy Minds!

There have been various researches where it is declared that the religion is a form of mental illness, as there are well written articles supported by facts, are available for reading. For example a psychological disorder named as Schizophrenia is often related to the religious origin where auditory and visual hallucinations occur in a human brain. 
A meme exactly replicating the mental state of the person

Origin of Holy Books/ Religion
The content of all holy books was often heard in the wind or suppose to be written during hallucination. The right illustration is given in Pic- 1, this is how Abraham killed his own child because a voice told him to do so. He was a mental patient

if one sees someone, or hears anything in the wind, or talk to himself is often treated under psychologists in today's world. However, the regret is- If it comes to the religion- reasons stops working. 

Why don't people doubt the existence of such books? 

If one sees the graph of mental illness due to schizophrenia it goes like this --
State of mind with schizophrenia

Great! the state of mind of religious gurus are often because they do not want to lose the heaven post death. 
If they question instructions of religious scriptures, It may be turning furious to the 'generous all time loving god'. He(God) may punish them by eternally burning into hell. What a generous heart which is greedy for praise, and slavery and if you don't do that, you will be burnt in hell. This is so transparent to see, yet it has been ignored for thousands of years.  
What did the religion give?
The war due to religion, deaths due to beliefs costs more to entire humanity. Even now, religious hatred is visible in acts- of ISIS, BOKO HARAM and Rohingya Crisis. 

The psychology of an adult depends upon the environment and mentoring. The religious mentoring creates a difference in mind. This is how kids are  being developed. Religion becomes so close to people, that they grow with sickness to get heaven, which was taught by some lunatic of first grade.

They block criticism, they kill even if one speaks the truth to reason. What are the chances for growth of such generations? 
The hate will prevail if we don't awaken them from slumber. Religion keeps us all at bay from forming relations, and there is a rift in emotions which never gets filled. 
We need more love to fix the earth and more awareness to rise from the sleep. Do not be fooled by scriptures, they all lie beautifully.
- Namrata 
All right Reserved. 

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