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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tyranny of Present : The trap of society

How do we see lives? Isn't someone else feel uncomfortable with the way today we live?
Life is unfair but not complicated. The complicated is the society, which perhaps swore to kill all dreams. 
Society pretends that it is for the welfare of human being. However, when you are truly
down, its the society which makes everything more painful. Simply because when you are different, not useful for society, you are simply outcast. Every Society has its demons, religious and cultural societies have more.
Life is simple like falling in love... Now if you are born in extremly religious land and fall in love with other religion's person, You die but won't unite. There comes backwardness of time, mind and inability to learn. This is what society been doing-- Dragging us behind with unnecessary weight on heart and mind.
If you want to decide somethings for yourself, you are often reminded thousands of time different type of debts of affection. I don't intend that all should do anything what pleases them, but there should be some reasonability behind. 
Society has turned into more complex of rules, where in pleasing everyone leaves people under stress. Kids see stress and frustration, over imposition of rules around and there comes a youth which is either rebel of totally submissive. Wish our ancestors had learnt a bit about balancing the equation between discipline and freedom!
This seems funny to me that when a parent's kid suffers from autism. The child is not unworthy, he/she may be highly gifted yet its the society which makes you more miserable. The unnecessary stress in the wind, does not it suffocate you? 
It does to me. I feel highly offended about measures society imposes in the name of welfare. I do not live or surrender in tyranny of now, which may be dictated by society, or sometimes even by my dear ones. The rule is simple - When you teach that endurance is the key to survive together, you should also endure some truths which are genuine on the basis of rationality. Yet if you are a woman and you say something, the reasonability goes to void. There comes a set of rule that declared the ideal character of sons and daughters. 
So, I see future, I see there are things to learn, and I see evolution. Society can produce dumb in the name of family, religion, region, cast and nationality, yet there is a scope of change. I changed, and I promised that no matter what it costs, I will not compromise my principles. Freedom is contagious, once you dare and push yourself out of your comfort zone, you go through immense pain yet you survive. Do not let anyone complicate your life, do not teach the same burdens to your kid. They need liberation from this heavy amount of depression. Give them healthy thoughts not cultural burdens. Always keep a scope for a better future. That's all.  
- Namrata 
All right Reserved. 

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