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Monday, January 29, 2018

Being Single is a Crime: Consent is a Joke

"Her eyes were blurred due to tears as she was under immense pressure of getting married. Should she get married to please this marriage centric society? Her mind had confusions, fear and a lot of noises... she eventually succumbed to the pressure.... and that's how she got married. "
She dared to dream that she could decide a life for her. She dared to be different in this marriage centric society, where marriage decides that if a woman is good or a characterless. Women are not considered good when they do not get married, divorced or single.
People assume different stories about them as those girls were thrown from some other planet and alien species.
I have heard some opinions about single women from aunties when observed at different occasions--"She might have some illegal affair...or else why would she deny getting married?", "Kuch to gadbad hai? Ladki k saath ..nahi to Kaun 

shaadi nahi karna chahega?", "Kids now a days bring a lot of shame when allowed freedom"

In few years without doing anything you are an outcast in the society. There are near about 73million single woman in India which include- single, widowed, divorced and separated. The number is huge 21% Indian population remains single in this marriage centric society. Between 2001 to 2011 there was 40% rise in such numbers. 
There may be various reasons for staying single and one has right to stay single yet, society troubles single women and punish them for their choices. First, As I mentioned in my previous blogs, parents do not support when girl want to stay single no matter she feels abused - physically and sexually in marriage. Second Single women often face isolation in society as jokes, whole conversation remains about marriage since childhood. 
Problems include-- Single woman often denied for flat, they are asked unnecessary questions, they are not delivered basic services , and single entrepreneurs are not taken seriously, as the whole existence of woman is suppose to be due to a man, and only man. 
Unconcerned government towards this much big population remains totally unaware but wants woman to come forward. One makes choices according to their understanding of life and their priority, every girl/ man can't be forced to dream the same. 
Single women are not sinner, society is. It has tendency to make villain  to the one who thinks different.
People often talk about consent in marriages, but first offenders more than husband in unwilling marital sex are the parents. They do not understand the discomfort of their daughters, and impose their choice of marriage. Why should husband should be punished for asking sex or consent, first law should come in force to prohibit parents.
Society also needs to get over that a man has to be around woman or a man has to keep a woman around. Some people even go asexual, or may be the concept of marriage is not in their learning graph. Single people are not criminal, it is just the perception which is totally irrational and hallucinated. 
All the single women out there, you are not alone, the population is huge. Do not break down, do not feel lonely, there are millions alike. 
A salute to you for not betraying yourself, sticking with yourself even when the entire world seemed against. The world will change, do not compromise, 
- Namrata 
( All Rights Reserved)

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