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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Disobey ---Obsequiousness Myth

People have these dark fancies of having obedient children. Children may have different perspective, different learning but somehow obedience kills the innovation and raises generations of  Stuck individuals. 

Obedience is taught for having a sense of "doing right" and protection- these are just assumptions.  I am not talking about self harming – idiotic mistakes like consuming drugs, ruining lives, murdering or raping, disobey but for a genuine cause and for better world. I am talking about a civilized and growth oriented society, where we evolve by disobeying in more humane and kind approach. Teach children reasonability, and convince them instead of making them obedient.
‘Reason with’ kids, raise a generation of intellectuals. Kids have to be nurtured well, taught well, shared experience, yet they are not parent’s property. Even if parents are annoying yet they deserve all the kindness and love to spend their old- age. Submitting for their wrong ideology makes you equal criminal.  Generations carry burdens of hate, violence, and discrimination and do not move in time. No one emphasizes to be brutal with elders, yet it is our responsibility to make the world better for us and for upcoming generations. 
Just because a temporary praise that you are an obedient son or daughter you miss millions of opportunities to make change.  Do not be ever be guilty if any work done by you stand right at parameters of humanity, it may offend entire family and even society, yet you are not responsible for the myth and ego they carry in their ignorance. Every time when you are told to limit your horizons --Keep exploring, disobey, and change. 
- Namrata 
All Right Reserved.  

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