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Saturday, January 20, 2018

… She is a tomboy!

In the male dominated society --where man is considered as a symbol of power and strongest, women are considered as more related to beauty and nurturing. There is a famous saying for my statement, - “Men are from mars and women are from Venus”. 
Society thinks this way, certain trait are defined by them; it has narrowed down the character of humans in sexist zone.
Ignorant women, they keep on calling strong women as tomboy, one of the most popular - sexist remark, and judgemental.  Hollow minds often remain incapable of understanding the stronger side of woman. Tomboy- What an absurd compliment to insult a strong woman!  Why a woman has to inherit the identity of men when she plays strong. Woman remained strong throughout centuries; she played all the tough roles in societies- Being mother, wife and sister. She almost lived entire life for others restricted her from freedom, yet the situation was tough and harder than that of man. Who says woman is weak, she is not. The problem is she is less ambitious and sometimes ignorant
The question is again the same, - she survived in conditions which were worse, so technically she was the stronger, yet why the strong women often are given sexist complements like tomboy.
Saying strong is enough, yet who is going to think after all that deep. Some girls are insecure, and have one ultimate purpose of life - To seduce, or to seduce the rich. They are weak to stand by their own. One should go and live the way one pleases, yet passing judgements on others, this is not acceptable.
The girl, who is strong, and for ignorant woman she may be tomboy- just because she earns for herself, and she does not give a damn about seductive men’s attention. She carries herself the way she is comfortable. She does not follow norms that the girl has to appear beautiful by applying tonnes of makeup. She is nowhere like men, she is known as freewoman.
She is liberated from various types of ‘mental slavery’. Understanding her or not understanding her is not her problem either. To my regret—perhaps there is no word for complimenting the strong ladies, as being the basic idea of strong woman is scary for many. Strong and freewoman are not considered as respected as men, they are symbol of terror not the courage.
Yet not understanding the dimensions of Strong ladies, does not make the assumption true, Go ahead! Keep on shining, be the tom-boy ;) (I meant to be sarcastic), you are respected and strong.

-          Namrata

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