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Friday, January 26, 2018

The Reason for fog in Hinduism

Hinduism has various religious texts which contains four Vedas, Purananas and supporting texts like upnishads etc. People often are raised with a tendecy to think that they are superior in every religion. 

Religion makes even educated people turn blind as in the begining of learning every religion, there comes a warning. Warning says that there are some ignorant people who question the authority of god. They will not understand the god and his greatness. This is the begining where people stop reasoning and at every step the curosity is killed.
Religion and science are not at war with one another. Religion spreads myth and science is the cure. These things are not even opposite but huge ego of religion and not to understand the valid arguments often turn these two against.
I am not against religion but when I know that at every step from breaking coconut to donating oil is a ignorance, I have to speak.
Doctor is never against patient all they do - diagnose and cure the disease. Religion is a form of mental illness and it hampers our growth as a human being.
Well... for example once I was reading a Mahapurana. I learnt about origine of universe which was no doubt intresting but untrue.
In that book, I read that Saraswati was daughter of Brahma. He needed help to create and run the world so he created Saraswati - the Goddess of wisdom.
In south India, people often consider saraswati to be wife of Brahma. This version is not true as Brahma is the creator so he has to be father of every creation.
Brahma was seduced and wanted to have sex with his daughter. Saraswati knew that it was wrong she tried all mean to escape but Brahma followed in entire universe and eventually he raped Saraswati. Whether he raped, or not, whether this incident happened or not, yet the question shows the morality of religious minds.  

People encounter with such stories of morality at every step, wouldn't they feel less guilty that when they hear that god can do such things, so can he.
I am not finished yet, so when Brhama was eventually done with his lust, he regretted about the incident. He left his body and took new birth. His that body which is left after guilt is known as fog.  Which is not true. The fog is due to temperature inversion. I do not want to teach temperature inversion here but on internet there is enough detail present. The fog does not appear anywhere else in the universe, as Brahman was creator of the Universe where he left his body, the fog should have been present every where. Well narrated stories do not make the fact disappear- That why does fog come in winter and why is only in troposphere of the earth.
This religious thing when heard by an individual who remains unaware abut geographical and natural phenomena converts a huge number of devotees most of which are uneducated degree holders.

- Namrata

All Right Reserved

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