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Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Son Meta Preference : 21 Million unwanted girls

The economic survey is a document which reveals the reports and economic scenario in the country with some suggestions to reform every year. This year in 2018, The survey revealed harsh mentality of Indian parents. 
The data revealed the number of unwanted girls and their age. The total estimate is around 21 million  as parents do not stop until they get desirable  number of sons. This is called as the son meta preference.
These unwanted girls are neglected in terms of early child care, resources, education and everywhere there existence is compromised.
Girls are unwanted as in some states the female infanticides were so prevalent that girls are aborted even before they get birth.
Richer states like Punjab and Haryana have lower number of girl child birth. The rise in the middle class did not change the attitude towards girl either. According to the data, Money is not the reason for deprivation of the girl child, but the mindset.
Patriarchal society prefers son as a desirable child as it is assumed that the son will take care of parents in old age... People are not bothered to check about the report of the elder abuse, India ranked second highest in elder abuse during 2017.
There have been various initiative from government's side like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao for awareness, and selfie with daughter etc. These initiatives are not enough to change the mindset of crowd.
Girls have been bringing medals, joining army, and leading everywhere but to my regret, they are always considered as liability. The custom of dowry often pushes the girl behind as parents save money for the daughter's marriage instead of providing her quality education. Some parents are scared to send their daughters for work due to security reasons. Girls are pushed in to marriages instead of studies, and in fact they are raised to get married in most of the houses. 
These unwanted girls are not given proper food, as son often gets more and bigger share from quality food as well. Everything around girl is controlled in most of the families. The regressive attitude of crowd towards women turns things backward.
Society needs to change, so our parents and we. I think we should insist more upon we.  Girls hold same economic value as son does, yet discrimination turn them weak and in less confident individual. 

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