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Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Over rating of Buddhism

Buddhism, which was proposed by an Atheist - The Buddha, to my regret later it became the religion. A religion that was originally not a religion at all. 

Buddhism and its philosophical values  are emphasized by eminent editors and social reformers as if the solution for war lies in it. I am never convinced that the tendency of making one religion greater will ever lead to the peace of society In India. Due to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar- the deprived section has often been attracted towards Buddhism. I think -- this is the most misunderstood lesson learnt by them. Dr. Ambedkar wanted a society which was based on individual rights over collective rights.  Buddhism violates this basic principle of equality for what Dr. Ambedkar stood. 

Buddhism did justice with schedule casts/ schedule tribe which were kept deprived under Brahmanic traditions but it failed in the context of women equality. To be precise, the fact that there are plenty of good points which was taught by Buddha, however - According to Bernard Faure, "Like most clerical discourses, Buddhism is indeed relentlessly misogynist, but as far as misogynist discourses go, it is one of the most flexible and open to multiplicity and contradiction.
 Theravada suttas state that it is impossible for a woman to be a bodhisattva, which is someone on their way to Buddhahood. A bodhisattva can be a human, animal, serpent, or a god, but never a woman. Women were not allowed to lead the Buddhist Community. The appropriate aim of women was to aspire to be born as a man first.  However she was not as restricted as  in  other contemporary religions. 

A woman, why couldn't she get 'The state of Being Buddha --Or Bodhisatva' until she was born like a man? After all, the habit of finding good  and morality in religions could not end till today.

Countries like -Japan, since Buddhism arrived in Japan-- the status of women deteriorated. Therefore, there are present evidences which show that religious practices have often turned against women. Until women collectively contribute their potential to the world, the progress won't be satisfactory.

We are heading in more progressive world, though struggles are going on. Yet without criticism when a research paper is not accepted so why do we turn our blind eye for the inequality created by religion?

Over rating of Buddhism, it will not benefit. The true form of ethics should be developed by rational arguments not by because of ancient literature of art. 

- Namrata 

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