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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Poverty, Hunger, Climate change-- Deadly Migration and God

Generally crowd finds it irrelevant when one tries to show the connection between poverty, hunger, climate change, migration and god. The graph is very simple, when something has to be blamed, they point fingers at ruling governments/ government. Solutions are not their cup of tea, and they have greater worries about - their life in context of money, and after life in context of heaven. They need heaven, anyhow the earth is going to die as Religious people believe. They are hopeless about life.  
Poverty has been accepted as 'the curse' of fate by some. Sometimes they think it is their past birth 'Karma' according to the Karma Theory and sometimes they can accept it as the will of god to test sufferers love for god. Or for some it may be the part of god's plan as he works in mysterious ways. If the crowd thinks that way, the society is going towards a greater problem. 
Most of them think that the earth was created specially by their heavenly god, and they believe in books which support the 'flat earth ' theory but consider themselves as a normal one. What is the point of following half of the rules from that book and  updating only that flat earth theory into the round earth theory.
The wisdom should have been perfect in those books if they were divine. As human species has got power of imagination, this worked as a curse too. 
This is not normal when one believes in deities/gods/god of  'the flat earth -narrating books' because this is where sickness in attitude begins. They consider that the earth has unlimited resources given to them by god, whereas exploitation will ruin the earth but this is what going to happen. The day of 'earth's end' or 'Kayamat's day'
Religious people often consider that the kayamat's day is inevitable, so they are neither worried about climate change. 
Climate change impacts on rain, resources, food security and which leads to migration - displacement, war, poverty and hunger. 
The world has a solution to fight all these problems. Be collectively responsible towards the nature or else we seriously don't stand a chance. Not because the god has decided, but because we have submitted to medieval narration of the world and we are doing nothing to protect it. 
We can protect it- like we could raise a major population out of poverty due to globalization. However we tend to narrow our zones and keep on rejecting scientific theories which helped civilization to sustain. The wheel which was inserted into India flag - that represented a movement -  A growth, but to my regret our minds are stuck and we are not going forward. Majority of us are stuck in Medieval times and we accept the death of planet. There is a beauty in hallucination but that is not good enough to tackle with the problems of real world. 
- Namrata 

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