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Monday, April 16, 2018

The Communal God

The pretty little girl was only age of 8  when she was raped in temple. Right in front of a god of different religion, who did not bother to save the young girl. I do not understand one thing here, when people or so called knower of gods/god scare one with superstitions like- one has to bow in front of all places of god, or else there will be accidents. Or the statue is powerful- don’t insult the faith or else god is going to punish if one questions his existence. Every temple has a list of blind followers who can die protecting a belief that the temple is miraculous, but when it comes to the welfare of masses/ weaker- The God fails. 
Being religious makes one hateful towards others, and now it is the time when we should start liberating ourselves from the hallucinating web which was created by these power centers of medieval times. 
The rape has three dimensions – the first, People are not raised well. They do not have enough emotions and knowledge to think about what harm forceful sex can do to other gender. Sometimes, they can themselves be the mishandled victim of abuse. 
Second, The mindset of society  – Like raping a girl is often considered as defamation of the girl, and family. In rural areas, and some of the areas of human habitation in big cities have basically lesser etiquettes about asking questions. Their curiosity and ignorance of questions sometimes play vicious. 
Third reason which remains steady – Religion. People are taught in religious books that the ideal of their religion sometimes allowed to rape and have sex slaves if they were from different religion or defeated. In some religious books a lady was turned into stone while she was raped, and the god who raped was not punished but the lady had to wait for centuries until the divine lord came to rescue her.

Does not all these seem crap to anyone else? What sort of mentality these books have been provoking?  Being raped is crime of girl’s Karma? Or god’s will? Or god/gods simply remain/s an extincted like dinosaur.  For me the first accuse of communalism is- The religious book of every religion. People insist on going to the temple, where people don’t even bother to check the morality of followers but impose the blind faith of the people who have more scientific and different dimension about the world. 
What does this heinous crime of humanity convey? A temple can’t protect someone – It is just a building. The fundamental right of Indian constitution always is misused by ‘Religious People’ and their communal god. 
Women remain the worst victim of tragedy and hate--- 

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