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Monday, July 2, 2018

The Colorless Rainbow

The Black Rainbow

India has diversity of faith, and conflicts arise from this diversity. However, all these different communities share a biggest common ground-‘narrow-mindedness’.

There are various types of crimes which offend majority of Indians like thinking for self, wearing clothes the way one wants, choosing a partner of one’s choice,  saying no to childbirth in first year of marriage or saying no to second child,  Being gay and the list goes on.

“Being gay is crime, and gays are the people who cheat.” – I heard from a person I was counseling three years ago. He did not know about my opinion about sexual preferences at that time. May be, I appeared only ‘straight- marriage’ supporter.
Sharing and opinion about sexual preference does not benefit anyone but harms. People tend to judge, and harass at workplace as well. Friends often shun gay supports as well. Everyone wants to be normal to be accepted among societies.

Being gay is a crime after all, right?
In fact in news and media recent years there have been three cases where husbands were gays and their spouses – one of them committed suicide, one of them was murdered and I did not trace the third one more.
There are those who hate, and the other side which supports often blames for being coward and they want one to  ‘#Come out and tell the truth’

Come out to whom?
Not all parents wait for their child to be gay. They want their kid to be normal according to their definition of normal.
In Uttar Pradesh State of India, one girl was caught of having affairs with a boy. What happened next? How many generous people are aware of honor killing in the country?
The girl was murdered by her own family. The conclusion is that parents can be unpredictable and sometimes very brutal but not welcoming.
If they don’t harm children, they harm themselves. Some of the parents even die being ashamed of their children. Coming out is not easy – practically life is screwed in every way if the truth is spoken.
Law is also outdated, and article 377 is still criminalizes ‘Being Gay’. This minority does not have rights to be protected. They are depressed aliens who are rejected by their friends, families and society.

Our country does not want to change either as the nation is built by the people. People collectively share narrow mindedness and embarrass the nation at behalf of humanity.
The history repeats daily--- and I see it happening right in front of me. A close friend of mine from the rainbow group is going to get married. Showing courage will lead the person to death. Speaking the truth will not be accepted and the person will have the guilt of killing parents with the truth.

The law is also not there to protect, where to go? Not all people can run abroad and leave everything behind. I stay mute here, I am not the law, neither I can save or support.

My friend’s family is orthodox and leaving no option but to get married and ruin a life more. I feel pain as one more life who is dreaming about a happy married life is going to be cheated on. ‘The criminal’ which is compelled to be criminal will be humiliated and ‘Parents will be living happily ever after for ten years maximum after screwing the entire life of next generation. .. No place for the truth.

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