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Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Flat Earth Society- Myth

We are living in the 21st Century. Various innovations human mind has created yet there are some parts of the world where education is not accessible. In the name of books -- people have access only to holy books.

According to the book, - " A brief history of Time" written by famous physicist Stephen Hawkins, the explanation is given that why books are geocentric or sun centric? Only because people believed and some of the researchers calculated that. Those were scientific interpretations , and regretfully remain today's religion. 

Date - 22/07/2018
I get almost a headache when I see online communities like -' The flat Earth Society' and Scholars pursuing Ph.D. try to prove that the earth is flat. 

Anyone who has little sense will find it primitive and absurd. However, there are two types of a believer who consider that the earth is flat.--

The first type - The direct believer- Direct believers are a dangerous one, because the evidence, arguments, and reasons do not work with them. 

The numbers are quite higher. These people are digitally and academically literate. The picture is attached and numbers are visible there - 162k liked the organization. 
These direct believers have direct confrontations. 

Second Type- Unknown believer- This includes only religious people who selectively pick half of the things and follow the content.  

Because they picked a beautiful moral lesson from the religion they use this as a defense and a tool to protect entire religion due to this. These are also very ignorant and morally corrupt as they turn a blind eye to the idiocy.  

Why does it happen?

Sentiments overrule the truth, and this has captured all space.
Till now, all human rights and reforms were never encouraged by religion or started by them. Religion remains a widely contiguous disease where all people get the courage to be dumb.  

People are scared of religious fundamentalist too where no one wants to be dead for speaking the truth. For example, the magazine-like - Charlie Habdo- How many times innocent lives were killed and the office was attacked because they wrote against religious bullying. 

The Flat Earth
Is it possible for the earth to be flat?

Really? leave behind the high level of science, but keep a simple logic. 

If the earth was flat - people should have fallen into space while going towards the corners of the earth. 

Where is that boundary of the earth? Has anyone found it?
Everything in this universe is round but the earth remains flat... How convenient! 

Solar system's picture should have been something like the picture given below. It would have even impacted the solar eclipse and moon eclipse. Shadows of the eclipses should have been flat rather than being round. 
Solar system 

Conclusion - I have gone through pages of flat earth society and found there were mathematicians who gave a theorem to prove that the earth was flat. 
I think for religion-- Education is not the cure. 
The only cure is a criticism of religious ill practices. if one does that- death and warnings are on the way.


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