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Sunday, October 14, 2018

#Metoo- The Campaign

Women are crazy, digging up the past without any evidence, and there are memes about it. 
The campaign #Metoo has highlighted two things- the first, name of sexual offenders on social media where abusers are named and shamed online by telling stories and second – the misogynist and anti- human attitude of people who are circulating ‘absurd- opinions’ as a source of fun.
Molesters meant men and women both
The campaign intended against the ‘Sexual Abuse’. There are women who molest in offices, in homes, and there are men who molest too. The disappointing fact is that it has turned out to be a man verses woman type of competition.
What is wrong in encouraging women who were weak and could not speak at that time? There are some public figures and authors who are not considering the point that at times people tend to be weak, and this is an inevitable part of human life. May be, sometimes people don’t understand what is going on. For example, a child does not know about bad or good touch.  Not every parent of the generations teaches about it.  In childhood if someone molested someone, when grown up – one needs to speak about it.
If you are the one who totally ignored the barbaric side of life and think that slapping someone would have stopped sexual abuse, better go and understand the subject more before commenting.
Some people are even blaming and mocking survivors that so late they dared to open up. The reason is very simple- living in denial. The only concept which people believe only without evidence is god, because with that comes a fear of burning in hell.. Or else rest everything is just an ‘attention-seeking’ behavior. However, this still remains an absurd thought and behavior no matter majority supports it.
The right way
The right way is to deal with the situation is to let the survivor or victim speak, there are laws and legal measured to fight against defamation. Everyone has right to get justice.  If you shush the voice in the beginning who will dare to speak again? Let the struggle happen and let the truth come on the surface.
Naïve should abstain from judging others
I took a month or so to right about this, as I was closely understanding and observing the trends. I am also a part of the #Victims and even if people consider me bold today, there was a time when I was weak and abused too.
Passing judgment is the work of Jurists, let them do it.
Why are men silent?
I think in this matter women are braver, as men are still silent as if nothing happened to them. Or joining the battle against sex-abusers will reduce their manly charm? Nothing is going to happen as such. The problem needs to be addressed, accepted and fought against…. Instead of fighting against one another. 
Include Religious Institution too
There are practices like Devdasis and Jogini which should be included in the #metoo campaign.
Who is Jogini?
Jogini is a girl, often dedicated at a young age as the tradition dictates that the dedicated Jogini girl is not to be ‘used’ until she reaches puberty. Once she does reach this point, the official or priest who paid for her dedication gets to ‘use’ her first, then she is sent back to her home and made available to the rest of the village. At a tender age, all avenues of escape seem gone. Here begins the sexual slavery that she will endure for the rest of her life.
The Devadasi System is alive and well in South India. Today, conservative estimate of at least 80,000 Joginis live scattered throughout South India.
On the ground, it has been observed that the same core issues behind modern-day human trafficking are playing a part in the motivation behind the dedication of Jogini. The decision many families make to dedicate their daughters into the Jogini system is deeply rooted in their socioeconomic status. Faced with dire financial situations, complex cultural pressures, gender inequality, and religious superstitions, the family often feel that they have no other viable options other than submitting their daughter to be dedicated as a Jogini. It is easy to see how all these factors work together to ensure the continued abuse of girls through the Jogini practice.

So basically, we are not addressing problems - It is enough to understand why does the Society suffer for thousands of years? 

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